Adult Classes at Urban Fire

Adults have found a new way to stay in shape and get their groove on in Port St. Lucie and Ft. Pierce by taking one of several adult dance and exercise classes offered at Urban Fire Dance Studio.

Port St. Lucie, FL, September 25, 2011 --( On any given night, the lobby area of UFDS is filled with adults who are not necessarily dropping off or picking up their children. More recently, many of them are there to participate in one of the many classes designed just for adults.

"In order for adults to stay consistent with an exercise regimen, two things have to happen," says Kelli Moore, co-founder and director of Urban Fire. "They have to see results and they have to have fun. We've added a perfect mix of classes that meets both of those needs."

Some of the classes offered will be familiar to adults who are not strangers to exercise classes or late night infomercials:
- Zumba dance classes, which provide a strong cardio workout, are set to a variety of Latin, hip hop, island and gospel music. Classes are basic, and at this location, mostly filled with an "over 30" age group.
- Pilates classes, offered by a local certified instructor, focus on flexibility, toning and helping the participant develop a strong core.

Other classes are relatively unheard of in this area of the Treasure Coast:
- Barre Workout classes are conducted around a ballet barre, but leotards and tights are not required. This class uses the technical aspects of ballet to strengthen and tone the legs, abdomen and arms without tutus, pirouettes or leaps.
- Adult Hip Hip classes allow older dancers and "wannabees" an opportunity to work on their skills without the pressure of performing with teens. "This is what Urban Fire is known for," says Tati Perez, co-founder and director. "Hip hop is our main focus, and now we have a class that is specifically geared for older dancers."

In a time when gym memberships go unused and exercise DVDs sit dusty on the shelf, what is the expectation that these exercise classes will maintain good attendance? "Most studios in this area either don't offer this kind of class or can't keep it going for long because of lack of participation," offered Moore. "We believe all of our adult classes will last because we provide a really fun atmosphere and there's no pressure to perform. Plus, with the option of paying a drop-in rate per class or a monthly rate for unlimited classes, it fits anyone's budget."

For a complete listing of classes for all age groups, visit Urban Fire's website at

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