Callbox Launches Pipeline CRM 3.0

Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2011 --( Callbox today announced the release of Pipeline CRM 3.0, the latest version of its proprietary customer relationship management software.

This new Pipeline CRM version features a redesigned user interface which now includes shortcuts to frequently used functions (e.g. View / Add Appointments, Update Accounts Status, Recently Viewed Items, etc.), reducing the number of clicks required to do certain tasks. It also includes a Global Search button which offers greater speed and flexibility for searching and filtering data (e.g. contact names, phone numbers, and addresses) and navigating the pipeline.

In addition, the new Pipeline CRM version incorporates ad spaces where Callbox clients can advertise their products and services to over five thousand Pipeline CRM users around the world. Other notable features include a Client List Editor which allows users to edit, or download their contact lists, and a Dataminer which provides access to Callbox’s 20+ million global business contacts. Pipeline CRM 3.0 also features a Task Manage and an Agent Activity Log function which allows Callbox clients to monitor in real-time each call made by each agent assigned to their campaign.

Meanwhile, Callbox is working to add still more features to the currently existing ones. Some of the planned enhancements include options for synchronizing Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce contacts and calendar, organizing notes and tasks (e.g. meetings, email exchanges, appointments, etc.) for each customer, and creating campaign result graphs and tables where clients can get a closer look at the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time. The future Pipeline CRM will also feature a mobile-friendly interface for mobile clients.

Pipeline CRM 3.0 was released in response to clients’ evolving needs and feedback gathered through surveys, client meetings, and years of proactive customer interaction. The launching represents Callbox's ongoing commitment to delivering measurable and managed growth for each of its clients by giving them greater control over the sales process.

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