Szrek2Solutions Obtained US Patent for Their Breakthrough RNG

Szrek2Solutions announced that it received a US patent for “Method of Generating Unpredictable and Auditable Random Numbers.” The method makes a breakthrough in RNG applications where system integrity is critical. RNG method is utilizing encryption technology to digitally sign game data and produce unique random numbers. It has application for wide range of games, including class II & III, bingo, keno, lotto, numbers and card games on variety of betting platforms - internet, mobile, VLTs, slots.

East Greenwich, RI, October 18, 2005 --( Szrek2Solutions announced that it received a US patent for “METHOD OF GENERATING UNPREDICTABLE AND AUDITABLE RANDOM NUMBERS” (US patent no 6,934,846, several international patents applied for). The method offers a unique Random Numbers Generation (RNG) with verification of random results, utilizing asymmetric encryption technology (public/private key) to digitally sign game data and produce a unique random number set. The digital signature used in the process can be “decoded” at any subsequent point in time to recreate and verify both the number set and the associated game data. It is a single RNG technology available on the market with built in fraud detection, including a mathematical proof of integrity of the RNG process. Random numbers are commonly used for generation of lottery draw numbers for games such as Keno, Lotto, Bingo, Numbers games etc. They are also utilized in all forms of instant betting, traditional or emerging: over the internet, mobile phones, interactive TV, Video Lottery machines, slot machines, etc. 

Szrek2Solutions applied this patented technology to their two products: Trusted Draw™, an animated electronic drawing machine, and Trusted Play™, a high performance random number server for instant games. Both products allow to mathematically prove that the generated bet or draw outcomes are valid, not substituted, that the results were generated at the precise time, on the specific hardware and using a correct game matrix. Fraudulent game outcomes can be detected any time after the draw, minutes or years later, even if the attacker has a full access to RNG software and hardware. Szrek2Solutions utilizes standard US government certified cryptographic hardware and software for the random numbers generation and verification, with no proprietary algorithms or secret data. 

Trusted Play is currently utilized by the Danish Lottery, Dansk Tipstjeneste, for the generation of play outcomes for their internet instant games. In addition to high performance random number server Dansk Tipstjeneste employs three audit systems, internal and external, supplied by Szrek2Solutions to protect against fraud and satisfy requirements of the Danish Gaming Board.

Trusted Play was deployed in Denmark in cooperation with Betware, who is a supplier of the internet platform to Dansk Tipstjeneste. Stefan Hrafnkelsson, CEO of Betware, commented: “Trusted Play was easy to integrate into Betware solutions and supports better auditabilility than I have ever seen before." 

To generate secure, unpredictable and auditable results Trusted Play and Trusted Draw use LYNKS Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from SPYRUS, Inc. (, the leading supplier of high assurance cryptographic tokens. LYNKS HSMs are FIPS 140-1 level 2 and level 3 certified and in process for FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Level 3 validation. Over 500,000 LYNKS HSM cards have been deployed to date for national security, military and commercial applications. 

Szrek2Solutions LLC ( is an international product provider and consultancy, offering secure solutions for Lottery and other gaming applications. 

Dansk Tipstjeneste ( is a Danish Government owned and controlled authorized lottery offering instant games, sports betting, Lotto, bets on horseracing and slot machines in Denmark. 

Betware ( is a private company based in Iceland, focusing on interactive platform for new media, supplying a wide range of interactive games on top of its platform such as, number games, pool games, oddset games, scratch games, casino games and racing games.

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