One Million Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fans

Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fan Page celebrates more Fans than any other non-profit organization on Facebook...

Wellington, FL, September 30, 2011 --( The Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fan Page features interactive and individualized Fan involvement. Currently reaching one million fans, personal interactions attract a rapidly-growing Facebook Fan Page base to this non-profit organization. The Hugs Not Drugs® Fan Page also provides on-going information, plus interactive participation for its Fans.

Ruth Harris, Executive Director, says, “Hugs Not Drugs® stands for a healthy drug/alcohol-free lifestyle for all people, all ages! We’re also excited to be the 1st non-profit to reach one million FB Fans.”

To put this in perspective, The Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fan Page has more FB Fans than each of the following: The American Cancer Society, ASPCA, American Red Cross, Susan Komen, Charity Water, and the Girl & Boy Scouts.

Among interactive activities on the Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fan Page are:

1. Discussion Topics, to which a Fan may add a topic.

2. Various Polls, to which a Fan may add a favorite subject, i.e., What is your favorite uplifting saying?

3. References to websites and blogs, which feature supportive alcohol and drug-related information to support rehabilitation or provide drug/alcohol detailed information.

4. A photo album of celebrities, who experienced a drug or alcohol-related problem, or who have died as a result of drug/alcohol abuse, are posted. Fans recommend additions to the collection.

5. Humor is part of this Fan Page also. Cute hugs pictures are posted on a regular basis.

6. Relevant news reports are posted. Their Fans comment vigorously. For instance, a hot topic is “legalize or do not legalize marijuana.”

7. The Fan Page is carefully monitored to prevent bullying, attacking, or otherwise bad behavior toward any Fan Member. Bad language is also discouraged.

8. People, report they have “X” years sober or recovered, get “X” online Hugs.

Said David Waksman, the FB Fan Page Administrator, “Monitoring on a regular basis keeps the Fan Page a safe place to 'be.' We look forward to two million happy Hugs Not Drugs® Facebook Fans!”

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Ruth Harris, Executive Director
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