Goes Online, Offers Audited, Pre-Qualified Search Solution for Supply Chain and Business Professionals in Every Industry

New Internet Search Resource Tool provides Supply Chain Professionals an effective, time and money saving way to contact pre-qualified / audited suppliers to fulfill all their manufacturing / business operations supply needs.

Fort Collins, CO, September 30, 2011 --( Last year when Paul Walker took early retirement from his 30 years plus career as a Supply Chain manger he jumped right into developing an idea he had been rolling around in his head for more than 10 years.

Paul wanted to create a website that provided an extremely easy way for Supply Chain professionals and small business owners to search for and find qualified suppliers for their manufacturing, and business operations needs. He knew that every business had their own set of supply chain requirements – but often they had need of finding multiple suppliers to ensure their manufacturing materials needs were covered.

The Problem: It takes a lot of time and money to search, audit and qualify new suppliers before they can be added to a company’s qualified supply chain provider list, even with the convenience of the internet as a search tool. And while there are numerous websites for parts / products and services sourcing, few, if any, require the companies in their listings to validate “Best Practices” claims. In fact, there is no guarantee that some of the companies in those types of listings are still in business.

The Solution: In addition to the listing of all company abilities and services performs a detailed 40 Point+ Supplier Audit. Members can be confident that all the suppliers and service providers listed in’s Member Resource Directory meet all capability, capacity and financial “Best Practices” compliance standards on a national scale. is a fast, simple, easy way to find the pre-qualified, audited suppliers for small, medium and large manufacturing operations. services are based on an inexpensive Membership Fee that allows full access to its huge Resource Membership Directory of hundreds of qualified, audited suppliers.

Today, that dream website,, that could have saved Paul and his employer hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tracking, search and qualifying suppliers is now in full operation with hundreds of pre-qualified, audited suppliers ready to develop long term relationships with members.

Along with access to hundreds of pre-qualified suppliers provides members educational tools, efficiency tools and a Member Forum that exceeds “LinkedIn” for sharing and discussing all things supply chain.

Looking at industry needs future forward Paul Walker knows for sure that will be the “go to” website for thousands of Supply Chain Professionals for the instant, reliable information they need to connect with trusted suppliers.

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