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My Family CD of Delaware Presents the Safe Kids Card Do-it-Yourself Kit, the First Ever DIY Child Identification CD

My Family CD of Delaware which also serves Eastern Maryland, proudly presents the first ever Do-It-Yourself CD identification Kit. This is a bold step in the child identification arena, combining quick response with emphasis on privacy.

Wilmington, DE, October 22, 2005 --( My Family CD, provider of Safe Kids Cards, has launched the first Do-it-Yourself CD Identification Kit for parents to do in the privacy of their home. This new Safe Kids Card DIY Kit compliments their highly popular full service CD used by schools and daycares across the nation. 

A Safe Kids Card is a wallet size CD identification card that also stores vital information. The CD can be run in any Windows based system, even police cruiser laptops. This allows authorities to access the information in minutes, drastically cutting down the time to process a missing person.

The new Safe Kids Card DIY kits are ideal for police departments and through their special "Police Package" kits, My Family CD of Delaware hopes to equip departments throughout the region with the quickest response ID available.  

My Family CD of Delaware is also offering the DIY kits to all businesses that would like to sponsor the product. This is a unique avenue to promoting their company with  hyperlinks, a printable coupon, or other information. MFCD of DE hopes that by partnering with local businesses, this opportunity will allow sponsors to give back to the community, thus making them safer.

In addition to the Safe Kids Card DIY Kit, Toothprints DNA collection kits are also available. According to Toothprints manufacturer Kerr Corporation, "Toothprints is a thermoplastic wafer used to capture and document the young patient's unique tooth characteristics, tooth position and jaw relation. The saliva adhering to the wafer additionally provides a DNA sample as well as a saliva scent for tracking dogs. All helpful identifiers, which hopefully, parents will never have to use".

For more information, to schedule a presentation or to request a sample CD, contact MFCD of DE at (302)285-0054 or visit

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