Chaordix Transforming Market Research, Brand Loyalty and Innovation with Crowd Intelligenceā„¢

Unique Engagement and Data Analysis Methods Provide Dramatically Better and Faster Results

Calgary, Canada, November 04, 2011 --( Chaordix, the global standard in crowdsourced marketing today announced Crowd Intelligence™ which applies unique new methods of crowdsourcing and data analysis to generate new levels of rich market insight and data that would be difficult, if not impossible, to acquire through traditional research methods.

Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ is a refining methodology and technology that for the first time brings innovation, market research and brand insight into a single unified program. From the abundant feedback and input of the anonymous crowd, through the insightful conversations of consumer groups focused around brands and ideas, to the ultimate distillation of wisdom that finds the rare prosumer to participate in co-creation and open innovation. Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ captures, analyzes, synthesizes and communicates the qualitative and quantitative research insights arising from this unique method.

With the Crowd Intelligence™ approach, Chaordix clients can simultaneously co-create new products and services, clarify the market opportunity for those new products, map out the best go-to-market strategy and understand the competitive landscape, in a far shorter time and with greater cost efficiency than with traditional R&D and market research methods. Further, these crowds become on-demand sources of direct market insight and feedback for Chaordix’ clients, and forge stronger relationships with some of their best customers, prosumers.

Traditional methods of market research, including surveys, interviews and focus groups, drive different types of data from different groups of people, and often leave researchers with incomplete information and wishing they had phrased questions differently or asked additional questions.

Crowd Intelligence™ differs from and improves upon traditional methods of market research in multiple important ways including:

● Generating both rich qualitative and quantitative data from the same larger crowd
● Providing the ability to follow up on early findings with the same crowd for more clarity
● Involving the crowd in prioritization and filtering of the data
● Less survey and sample bias
● Higher sustained levels of participation and greater overall market data to analysis

“We believe this new crowdsourcing-powered approach to gaining richer market insight will fundamentally change the game when it comes to understanding market needs, wants and preferences,” said Shelley Kuipers, President and CEO of Chaordix. “Chaordix has been a recognized leader and pioneer in the application of crowdsourcing for new uses and insights and our Crowd Intelligence™ is another example of how we apply our understanding of crowd behavior for our clients’ benefit.”

About Chaordix

Chaordix is the global standard in digital crowdsourced market intelligence. Chaordix uses the power of crowdsourcing to help the world's leading companies and organizations gain business insight and competitive advantage. Our Crowd Intelligence™ community solutions are helping clients such as E.ON, IBM, The Government of Ireland, Orange, P&G, and PwC leverage our unique crowdsourcing techniques and technology to drive market research, brand loyalty and innovation.

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