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Things to Consider When You Buy Wholesale Directly from China

Ever wonder why more than half of goods at stores in the U. S. are made-in-China nowadays? Yes, it all comes down to the bottom line. You will get incredibly fat profit margins if you buy directly from China for your store in this pre-holiday season for store owners, comparing to guy next door who buys from a U. S. Wholesaler. It will be your choice to either put that profit in your own pocket or give them away to your customer. Either way you win. But how to do it and what to watch for?

San Diego, CA, October 23, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Jewelry has traditionally been a nice gift for ladies, especially when it comes to genuine pearls set in either gold or silver, it makes a fine piece of jewelry that will make any woman smiles.

However for small store owners and jewelers, it was usually quite a task to procure the pearl jewelry, since not many jewelers or store owners own a pearl farm, you would get them either from an importer, or would have to a jewelry show to buy them from a distributor, either way, you are not only paying for middlemen's cost, but also have other expenses involved including traveling etc.

However, the internet has changed all that, and it makes the task so much easier to accomplish, by sitting at home in front of a computer, you can order your pearl jewelry through a U.S. incorporated company, get the exact kind of pearls from a pearl farm in China, and then have the jewelry made exactly as you specified and have them delivered in front of your door, all within 10days.

You can actually be in a much better position to compete with big boys. If you know where to look for, you will be able to get them at the wholesale prices even lower those buyers who personally went to China. How can that be accomplished? 

www.OrientalPearls.net will provide that service, all for free. Yes, free customer design to your specification and customer made. All you need to do is to pay for the product and shipping, just as if you are buying from a regular on line store in the U.S. except you pay for drop-your-jaw prices on them.

If you have a small store or you just want to sell on Ebay to make some extra money in this holiday, you should sign up as a wholesale member, then you will be really surprised to discover that you can buy you genuine pearl jewelry at less than half of your fashion jewelry’s cost.

There are several things you need to be aware of when you buy wholesale pearls directly from China.

The complaint that we most often get is from store owners telling us that they paid twice more for their pearl jewelry when they were in China than the wholesale price they saw on our website, despite the fact that they had personally gone there and even hired Chinese interpreters, bought the pearls and brought them back.

Usually they wanted to know if the reason was because they looked and acted like foreigners and therefore were charged more. We hate to admit that might be one of the reasons, but also would like to emphasize the main reason is business connections and long term relationships among Chinese. We have investments in the farms we own, and we have our own people speak the same language and have long term business relationships with other pearl farm owners. They work together, and smoke or entertain each other together so naturally we help each other out easily. So besides the business relationship, there is also the personal relationship which is based on mutual trust and inter-dependency, just as our relationship with you must to be built. This is a key element in business relationships in the Orient.

Another consideration you should take note of is the shipping. Here is a complaint received from one of our long term clients who retails fashion jewelry and t-shirts. >>You still there????? What is new?????Just received some things I got from China....My Shipping was almost $ 500.00 cant stand much of this....

We couldn't help Harry much because we do not do the type of fashion jewelry that he needed. But a good lesson to be learned is to make sure to find out what you shipping cost is going to be when you buy directly from China.

And most importantly, try to find out if your shipment is not right, what kind of you recourse do you have?

Can you send the broken or mistaken pieces back? If your jewelry is damaged during the transportation or the quality is not what you think it should be? Things do happen, not only jewelry is mostly handmade, and anything can happen during the transportation, but also involving all the other issues, such as translation, or description for the right color or overtone? Can you ask for reimbursement or for exchange if any of this goes wrong? If you can what happens to shipping charges? Do you have to buy the insurance or get a tracking number when you try to send them back to ensure it will be received? That can be quite expensive. Especially when it comes to shipping charges, there is basically nothing else you can do after the package is delivered or sent. Just one of the things to be aware of when you buy directly from China.

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