Save the Titanic Foundation
Save the Titanic Foundation

'Save The Titanic Foundation' Launches Registration Website: For 11 million Petition Signers and Titanic Community! Website Officially Opens for Registration. In an effort to help preserve the Titanic and support the scientific community in their research and feasibility studies for the Titanic, has added an educational and entertaining community experience for Titanic fans and the 11 million petition signers for the preservation of the ship in the honor of the Titanic dreams aboard the ship.

Santa Monica, CA, October 24, 2005 --( The Save the Titanic Foundation (, officially opens its Website for the registration and membership of the Titanic community and it’s 11 million petition signers for the preservation of the Titanic in the recognition of the Titanic dreams aboard the ship. currently offers a venue for all Titanic fans to enlist as registrants of specific events or as foundation members for their participation in online exclusive “Dreams Come True” events, as well as a place for scientists and researchers to provide updates on the preservation of the Titanic, and expeditions involved.

"The Titanic community supports the scientists in their cause for the preservation of the Titanic and many want to participate in that cause, so is providing them with an Internet community experience that not only preserves the Titanic dreams aboard the ship, but also lends support to the work and the feasibility studies of the scientific community in their efforts for the preservation of the Titanic", said founding member Preska Thomas.

Since its inception, has added a section for Titanic fan clubs and celebrity fan clubs that will register their clubs to participate in the 2006 series of educational games, contests and giveaways.


Titanic fans will register or join as members of the foundation to participate in exclusive online Titanic events as 'Celebrity Party Events', 'Titanic Dreams Come True' series of games, contests, charity events, and for the opportunity of receiving invitations to participate as “Events Committee Members” of the foundation’s exclusive Internet meetings.

‘2006 Save the Titanic Foundation’s Educational Internet Party Events’:

The Celebrity Dives
Exclusive Internet Party
"Dreams Come True"

Live Events ‘2006 Save the Titanic Foundation Educational Games and Contests’:

Save the Titanic Simulation Game
Sail the TitanicTake a Sub to the Wreck Site
Salvage the Artifacts
Save the Titanic Quiz Competition
Save the Titanic Debate Competition

Membership registration for participation in the 2006 series of events and games will continue the remainder of the year and until January 31, 2006. Other exciting features of the foundation's Website includes the submission of Titanic multimedia by fans for being listed in Website, invitations for exclusive Titanic Downloads for purchase, celebrity guest book, fan guest book, Titanic polls, articles, links, press room and a photo album that Titanic fans can submit their photos for Website inclusion.

Kevin Finn, also a founding member of the foundation, states, "We are excited about the opportunity to help preserve the Titanic and the ability to bring together people of all walks of life from all the cultures of the world acknowledging the Titanic dreams aboard the ship"

About also referred to as the “Save The Titanic Foundation”, is an IRS 501(c)3 approved/non-profit organization. The foundation was established for the honor and the commemoration of the American dreams aboard the Titanic, for the ongoing maintenance of the Titanic while beneath the ocean, for the preservation of the Titanic from deterioration and for the spearheading of a potential rising of the Titanic when determined to do so.

Scientists, corporate sponsors and those who want to offer their products, services, or contributions, may do so at or by contacting the Save the Titanic Foundation by calling 310-358-9963.

Save the Titanic Foundation
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Joan Friedman

Save the Titanic Foundation
Joan Friedman
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