How to Go from Start-Up to Million $$ Baby in Ventureneer’s Webinar

Don’t let owning your own business go from dream to nightmare. Learn what it takes to succeed in Ventureneer’s webinar.

New York, NY, November 17, 2011 --( The great American dream -- owning a business -- can become a nightmare for those who don’t look the facts in the face. Owning a business is hard work and requires business smarts. To get the facts about starting a business, check out Ventureneer’s free webinar, It’s Your Biz: How to Get From Start-up to Million $$$ Plus.

The free online seminar will be presented Thursday, December 1, 2011, 12n-1pm ET by Susan Solovic, an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who specializes in giving would-be business owners the facts about entrepreneurship.

Susan is down to earth, clear, very practical, and very human. Her wisdom is clearly based on experience, an understanding of human nature and a very solid foundation of business principles.

In this webinar, she will share her secrets of success:

-Evaluate true motivation.
-Assess the personality traits business owners must have.
-Understand the difference between creating a job and building a business.
-Write the last chapter first: building a vision
-Passion doesn't equal profit.
-Purpose, promise, practice, persistence and process are the 5 “P’s” to business success.
-People matter. Make smart choices.
-Enjoy it and share the rewards.

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