Innovation Direct™ Licensed Invention Chop ‘N Serve Now Successful Short-Form Infomercial

Miami, FL, November 17, 2011 --( Innovation Direct™, a South Florida-based leader in the invention and patent licensing field since 1997, is pleased to announce that the Chop’ N Serve, an invention it helped to license to a major direct response and infomercial producer in December 2010, is the subject of a short form infomercial hosted by a renowned celebrity spokesperson from the culinary arena. The piece is expected to begin airing soon on a national scale.

Innovation Direct™’s multi-layered promotional strategy for the Chop ‘N Serve, which included the creation of a color digital rendition, a virtual reality presentation, press release, and a password protected website, as well as representation at major industry trade shows, proved instrumental in its path to eventual success. Equally important was Innovation Direct™’s patented and proven invention licensing methodology, which played a key role in the eventual success of the Chop ‘N Serve.

"We are extremely proud of our role in the evolution of the Chop ‘N Serve," commented Peter Doran, Innovation Direct™'s Managing Director. "We have always believed strongly in the power of our services and patented licensing methodology, and the success of the Chop ‘N Serve serves as tangible proof of what can potentially be achieved through Innovation Direct."

The Chop ‘N Serve represents a highly functional twist on a widely needed and used kitchen accessory that is found in virtually every household. The Chop ‘N Serve functions as a conventional cutting board but provides the added convenience of detachable containers that can easily be inserted and removed. The containers enable the user to easily store food items that have already been chopped or sliced but still maintain them within arm’s reach. Through its proprietary features, the Chop ‘N Serve saves consumers time during meal preparation, eliminates the hassle of running out of cutting board surface, and helps to greatly reduce the chances of cross contamination.

Innovation Direct™ is always pleased when it assists an inventor in realizing the dream of seeing what was once just an idea become a tangible product that is available to consumers on a worldwide basis.

About Innovation Direct™: Miami, Florida-based Innovation Direct™ is in its 15th year as a leader in the field of invention and patent management.

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