The Artful Enterprise Announces Business Consulting Services to Help Companies Design Effective Work Systems

New Orleans, LA, November 19, 2011 --( Jennifer Fortier announced the recent launch of her new management consulting company, The Artful Enterprise, LLC. The company helps businesses design effective work systems that create sustainable performance improvements and increase competitiveness. Whether looking to expand or streamline operations, The Artful Enterprise can help companies looking to move to the next level of performance.

Jennifer Fortier commented: “Companies that focus on transforming processes and engaging and developing their workforce become more agile, flexible, and innovative. The outcome is lower costs and better results. They are able to achieve sustainable high performance and remain competitive in challenging business environments.”

Ms. Fortier is consciously launching this new practice at a time when companies are realizing the importance of moving from the strategy building phase to building operations that support the strategy. The Artful Enterprise works with clients to design and improve key work processes that achieve alignment with strategy from the organizational and executive level to the work process level. The goal is to improve communication and information management, increase productivity, reduce costs, and build an agile, flexible, and responsive work force.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a degree in Industrial Technology and received an MBA from Tulane University. She has worked in various industries, including manufacturing, government, and financial services, with significant experience in the mortgage industry.

“In all of my work, I’ve always believed in and promoted the importance of building a strong work process foundation and I’ve seen the benefits. I’ve been successful helping companies improve their operational performance and I’m looking forward to doing the same for my clients. If you are considering how to improve the success rate of your business strategy, please give me a call,” said Fortier.

The Artful Enterprise, LLC
Jennifer Fortier