Magazine Exposes Secrets of Expert Online and Networking Marketers

Calgary, Canada, April 28, 2007 --( The BKS Mindset Marketing team ( announced the launch of Val Smyth’s program to reveal specific closely guarded secrets of successful marketers and web entrepreneurs. MIM Online Magazine ( will include interviews with marketers revealing specific tactics, proven methods and systems that have helped them build fortunes in the industry, particularly internet marketing online.

MIM Online subscribers will also have the opportunity for an additional income stream to add to their profitable home based businesses.

It will also include live conference calls with the marketer where members have an exclusive opportunity to ask questions about internet marketing and direct marketing tactics.

An added bonus is the Master Key System Mindset course in downloadable MP3 form.

World class marketer and multi-millionaire, Val Smyth, launched this program, MIM Online Magazine in an effort to help other marketers out there who are looking for proven ways to build their home based businesses but don’t have the money to spend thousands of dollars on internet marketing seminars and direct selling training courses.

“What I love about this magazine is there is no fluff, only the meat and potatoes of the ‘How to’s of Marketing.’ If the interviewees attempt to give general answers such as ‘I do goal setting.’ Or ‘I never give up.’ They will be refused and be sent home. It won’t be tolerated. There will only be detailed answers, the juicy stuff that you can use to create your own empire,” explained Kelly Smith, co-founder of BKS Mindset Marketing.

“Val had been talking about doing this project for years because he wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to make money in their home based businesses and internet marketing instead of being broke,” said Smith.

Kelly and partner/husband, Brad Smith are founders of their home based business, BKS Mindset Marketing ( They are students and mentors of Mentors in Motion, ‘The Master Key System’ and Amigo Health ( distributors. They share their passion and knowledge of being in the Industry for the last 5 years together to help others succeed in the home based business arena (

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