Latest Contact Cleaning Technology Makes an Impact at Productronica

Glasgow, United Kingdom, November 24, 2011 --( Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology for the electronics sector, reports that its recent attendance at Productronica has paid dividends.

“For the SMT sector the cleaning of boards prior to the solder paste printing stage is now seen as a priority,” said Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek’s Sales and Marketing Manager. "The adoption of laser marking, 3D solder paste inspection and relentless miniaturisation means board cleaning is no longer a nice to have feature but an essential aspect of any SMT line. Having supplied many of these machines we have seen improvements in SPI yield sufficient to deliver 6 week return on investment."

He added: “Laser marking of boards creates carbon dust which needs to be removed. All of these factors independently and combined have created substantial demand for our SMT clean machines which have become an integral part of the electronics production line. Several significant orders were taken at the show for these machines.”

“It is generally accepted that 70% of end of line defects can be traced back to printing. It is therefore crucial that a major variable such as contamination is controlled. The best way to control it is through removal and the Teknek Cleaning Core is the highest performing method for doing this. Boards being produced for mission critical applications such as automotive, medical and aerospace need to be 100% perfect. Manufacturers are realising that their existing non-contact cleaning equipment is inadequate for these increasingly demanding products,” said Nicolson.

Making its debut at the show was Teknek’s new patent pending* EcoFilm product. EcoFilm product is the first Oxydegradable clean machine adhesive roll to be available on the market. It retains all the benefits of the Teknek Nanocleen+ adhesive roll (silicone free, static dissipation, extra wide format, slant cut) plus the added advantage of being “green”. “The product was well received at Productronica. All manufacturers are under pressure to meet stringent environmental legislation. The new product means that the adhesive film can be disposed of easily and safely with normal waste.”

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*Application number WO GB10/051056. EcoFilm complies with the standard ASTM D 6954-04.

Rory Nicolson