Solar Innovations, Inc. Debuts Two New Conservatory Blind Options

Pine Grove, PA, November 28, 2011 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial sunrooms; conservatories; greenhouses; skylights; and more, debuts two new conservatory blind options.

Pinoleum blinds are the original conservatory blinds. Although the blinds were developed in France in 1872, they have spread throughout the world. These blinds have historically been featured in glass enclosures and are still popular in English style conservatories today.

The versatile blinds can be used on both the conservatory’s roof and walls, and are comprised of individual reads, which are woven together; thin wood is used to minimize sag within the blinds. The wooden reeds can be painted or stained and are available in numerous colors, ranging from neutrals like dove grey to intense colors such as ginger cake; custom colors are also available.

When the blinds are pulled closed, natural daylight can still enter the conservatory, but harsh glares are reduced. Temperature can also be regulated with pinoleum blinds. During the hot summer days, the blinds can be used to reduce heat gain and thus the structure’s temperature. In winter the blinds help to insulate the conservatory against cold temperatures.

Pinoleum blind systems can be operated by hand or with a motor (motorized versions can be operated with a remote control), allowing them to be closed for shading or fully open to optimize daylight. The blinds retract into to the eave in a Roman fold style and are manufactured in custom dimensions to fit any conservatory’s specific sizes. Structures containing high moisture, such as pool enclosures and greenhouses, are not suitable environments for pinoleum blinds, as the wood may suffer damage.

Solar R blinds are another shade system that can be utilized in conservatories. The blinds’ aluminum backing reflects 85 percent of sunlight and heat, keeping the room cool. Solar R blinds retract into a cassette which is mounted at the eave line of the conservatory and pocket out of sight. Blinds can be operated via a manual pull or motor (remote controls available for use with motorized units), reduce glare to the space’s occupants, and allow natural light to penetrate the room.

Solar R blinds are engineered to remain flat and will not crease or fold when retracted. This system is available in neutral colors such as straw, walnut, olive, and powder blue. Corresponding window blinds are also available.

Due to their versatility, these blinds can be used for conservatory, sunroom, and skylight applications. For your viewing pleasure, video clips can be found at: If you have questions regarding Pinoleum blind or Solar R blinds, and require assistance choosing a system that best suits your needs, please call Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669. A sales representative or conservatory design specialist will be happy to aid you in your decision.

Solar Innovations, Inc.
Melissa Reinhart