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A New Relationship Blog for Singles Discusses and Dissects a Woman's Sexual Past as an IndicatoroOf Her Chances of Landing a Soulmate

Many men are still old-fashioned about the kind of women they would eventually want to settle down with. Unfortunately, modern society has allowed women to be more sexually liberating, which in some instances can minimize their own success in finding a mate.

san francisco, CA, October 26, 2005 --( A new relationship blog located at takes a very humorous and sincere view of one "old-school" man's crusade to educate the world that a promiscuous lifestyle which modern society seems to endorse by shows such as "Sex In The City", "Entourage", and others, only leads women to a path of not being able to land a serious relationship.

While certain men seem to have little disregard for a woman's past, millions of old-fashioned men, either for religious, cultural, or personal reasons still would like to find a moral, virtuous, and proper women.

The blog expands on things such as differentiating between what is a "good girl", what is not, why women who are over 30 are in much worse position to date and find a soul mate, why certain astrological signs are more challenged than others, what constitutes the definition of "sex", and why certain career paths for women may encourage more liberal attitudes towards sex and dating.

The owner of the blog, who only refers to himself as "virginpimp", posts some extremely humorous and satirical personal views based on his experience and those of others.

While the blog in itself is candid, it may cause a lot of controversy amongst women who feel that the ideas presented in it are too old fashioned and sexist.

Users are encouraged to post their own comments and opinions and only time will dictate whose view points and discussions are valid, and whose are socially outdated.

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