Safe Kids Card of Georgia, LLC
Safe Kids Card of Georgia, LLC

Safe Kids Card and the New Do It Yourself ID Kit, Divisions of My Family CD, Now Available in the Metro Atlanta Area

Atlanta, GA, October 26, 2005 --( Safe Kids Card is a business card -size CD identification card that also stores your child’s vital information. Safe Kids Card personnel go on location to take three (3) digital photos and a biometric fingerprint of each child which, in addition to information provided by parents, is included on the CD. All of the information is returned to the parents along with the completed CD. The technology used is the same as the Department of Homeland Security.

Safe Kids Card prides itself on NOT maintaining a database of the child's information as some other child ID programs state openly. Safe Kids Card does not, nor does any division of My Family CD, create, store or keep any information or database on or off the internet. Your information is kept solely by YOU on the CD and is readily available in the event it is needed.

The CD can be run in any Windows-based computer system, including police cruiser and EMT laptops. Our CDs are the best available and save police and/or medical personal crucial steps and time when action is needed immediately. This allows authorities access to the information in minutes, drastically cutting down the time to process a missing person. Safe Kids Card is the only child ID system endorsed by Team Amber Alert. The CDs are Amber Alert ready.

Although new to Georgia, the parent company, My Family CD, has been in operation for over three years and distributes products internationally. New to the My Family CD line is the Do It Yourself ID Kit which is the ultimate identification CD that can now be done in the privacy of your home. The kit includes easy to follow instructions, two business card-size CDs, sheet of labels and of course, “peace of mind right in your pocket!”

In addition to Safe Kids Card and the Do It Yourself ID Kit, My Family CD offers Safe Adults Card and Save Your Medical flash drive which are ideal for not only children but teens, adults and elders with medical conditions or multiple medications. Carrying information is vital especially if your child or teen stays overnight or vacations with another family, an elder has an extensive medical history or high health risks, etc. If necessary, important documents like custody or adoption papers to the CD for additional verification can be easily added. Another division is Safe Pets Card which allows pet owners, breeders and veterinarians to store and have access to pet information and the ability to print a flyer in case a pet becomes lost. All of these products provide peace of mind in emergency situations.

For more information on Safe Kids Card, Do It Yourself ID Kit or any of the products of My Family CD contact Gregg Watson at (770) 496-1009 or e-mail at and /or visit the corporate website

Safe Kids Card of Georgia, LLC
Gregg Watson