Real Funding Partners Appoints Edward Berni as a Regional Associate in California

Real Funding Partners, specializing in Commercial Real Estate, Business and Residential rescue funding by private lenders with $400 billion available, announced that it is expanding in California to respond to the paradigm shift in financing. Seeking Associates to be Branch Managers in as little as 39 days.

Sacramento, CA, December 10, 2011 --( Responding to the overwhelming demand by customers and private lenders as a paradigm shift takes place in the real estate and business financing sector, Real Funding Partners (RFP), which specializes in commercial and residential rescue as well as business funding by private lenders who have more than $400 billion in allocations available, announced today that Edward Berni has been appointed as an Associate with the RFP Fairfield Branch operating in California and other states.

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Mr. Berni now resides in nearby El Dorado Hills, CA. He graduated from Sacramento State University with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. He served as a senior loan officer with American Capital and branch manager with American Pacific Mortgage. He has been president of OakTree Home Loan since 2003.

"We are delighted to have Ed join our company," said Neil Thompson, an RFP vice president. "With his outstanding background, we believe he can significantly expand the RFP footprint in his market area.

Explaining the paradigm shift, RFP President Dr. Hunter Elam stated that, "Traditional lending sources have left the market and private lenders such as private equity firms and wealthy individuals, with billions of dollars to invest, are moving aggressively to fill the vacuum left by conventional lenders in funding projects in untapped commercial and residential markets."

RFP has recently introduced a residential rescue program that assists homeowners who are upside down with their mortgages. "Our company can help homeowners reduce their monthly payment as much as 40% - 60% and stay in their home with our innovative sale and leaseback program," said Mr. Thompson. After the lease period ends, the homeowner can purchase their home at 90% of the current value with owner financing.

“Our focus is to transform the market's access to capital by leveraging our relationship with global funding sources,” said Dr. Elam. He pointed out that the company now has many associates throughout the nation and the next step in the future of funding is to open funding centers in all major metropolitan areas in the U.S so that the company can bring global capital to main street.

"I have found Real Funding Partners to be on the cutting edge of the finance industry, offering a lending product portfolio second to none," said Mr. Berni. "I hope to continue my success here and wish to open a branch office of my own soon," he added.
RFP is actively seeking clients who need funding as well as seasoned executives and experienced professionals who are interested in opening and developing new markets as well as servicing a rapidly growing customer base on a local, regional, and national scale.

About Real Funding Partners focuses on bringing innovative private lending solutions to meet all types of commercial real estate and selected residential and business financing needs. RFP has the largest portfolio of private lending institutions and investor backed funding sources available. RFP has expanded its product offering to include residential and commercial lease back programs as well as a new consumer financing program for businesses. RFP President & CEO Dr. Hunter Elam has successfully developed, owned and sold several multi-million dollar high tech companies.

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