Entrepreneur is Looking to Take on the Big Players Interview with eDirection' CEO and co-Founder Vikas Srivastav

Seattle, WA, October 27, 2005 --( eDirection is taking on the big players at their own game.  Providing social networking, classifieds, job boards, auctions, and much more under roof bring together synergies between each channel that isn't available to the stand alone providers.  Vikas Srivastav, the CEO and co-founder explains how he plans to grow eDirection quickly, and cost-effectively for long term success.

Taking on the established players:
"They obviously have strong business models. We think that we can develop a stronger model by integrating these different services."

Driving initial traffic:
"(to create this large quantity of listings) we have partnered with more than 1,300 car dealers within the United States. This has enabled us to bring over 700,000 new & used car listings to our site."

On entrepreneurship:
"It is a lot of hard work. You have to put your personal life aside and focus solely on the business... If you are tired, it isn't going to work."

Importance of Hiring Good People:
"Any project can succeed or fail depending upon the people involved... Hiring good people will make the difference. You bring them on board and your company will succeed."


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Seattle, WA

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