Affintus Shares Metrics CEO's Should be Using in Talent Management

Austin, TX, December 16, 2011 --( Austin based Affintus, the job chemistry company, was recently published in Texas CEO Magazine providing thought leadership about recruiting and hiring trends. The article “The Talent Show” discusses the talent management metrics CEO’s should be using to improve their bottom line. For a copy of the article go to:

About Affintus

Affintus is the predictive-hiring solution that matches job candidates with the highest likelihood of success to open positions at companies looking to build a culture of top performers. Affintus’ job matching identifies those candidates who are most compatible with the position based on cognitive ability, personality traits and work culture preferences using success indicators that are unique to your organization. When applied to your organization, Affintus’ proprietary, scientific job matching formula will result in higher productivity, lower employee turnover and lower costs of hiring.

Build a culture of top performers:

Paula A. Soileau