Company Giving Away Free Products Aimed to Attract Customers to Small Businesses in South Bend, IN

South Bend, IN, December 17, 2011 --( SIGNCITYMEDIA.COM 1-800 PRINT SHOP, located in South Bend, Indiana is celebrating their 8th year in business. To celebrate this event and spread their message further they are offering $10,000 worth of there products free to the qualifying small business and non-profit community in South Bend. This free offer will generate hundreds of new customers/donors and approximately $80-$100,000 additional revenue for small businesses in South Bend, Indiana. Gilberto Vasquez has 25 years experience in creating effective graphic design for market leading small businesses and is leading the design effort of the company’s small business community stimulus project. Gilberto states that in his experience the best thing any business can do to drive an immediate sales increase, is to focus on simple improvements of customer communication. For example, said Gilbert, "ensure that your business hours are always posted on your storefront, they should be large and the font that you choose should be readable from 20 feet. 4” letters have a 30 ft readability factor for the average person. This ensures if you're closed, customers will know when to return."

The company’s Operations Manager, Allan Klein accounts that in his 20 years of business to business sales experience that he visits hundreds of businesses each year that do not post any important information that customers need, such as business hours, business name, phone number or seasonal specials. “It’s true, signs sell! Even the world’s largest retailer changes their signs every 5-7 years, because they know that an investment in changing color, contrast, shape and concept will bring in more revenue!” said Mr. Klein. “Our products are designed to bring a small business more business, typically a ten to one return...Our no obligation gift valued at $50-$75 if used effectively as we advise will increase sales $800-$1000 over the next 12 months.”

The program began December 15th, 2011 and is open to the first 200 Established Qualifying South Bend Small Businesses and non-profit organizations, that contact them at 1-800 PRINT SHOP. To qualify the business must have less then 2 million in sales/donations and no more then 25 employees/volunteers. To receive absolutely free, no purchase obligation, vinyl window lettering, vehicle graphics, yard signs, banner with a 7-10 year lifecycle valued at $50 -$75.00, they only ask two things. First they ask that each participant take a short 15-20 minute survey about the current marketing methods their small business or organization uses, which includes the qualifiers above and business identity information. Second they ask that each participant display a graphics sticker in conjunction with the graphics/signage they provide the small business to further the project along.

Allan Klein