Corporate Investigations Needed as Employee Theft Increases

Indianapolis, IN, December 19, 2011 --( Employee theft has unfortunately reached an all-time high with over $40 billion lost per year, and Phenix Investigations, a leader in corporate investigative services, has seen a sharp increase in cases involving scrap metal and raw material theft.

To combat employee theft and decrease losses in the retail sector, which average around 1.6% of yearly sales, Phenix Investigations has formed a specialized team of professional investigators with the experience and resources to identify employee theft, organized retail crime and vendor fraud. Additionally, the team has expertise in investigations relating to the theft of scrap metal and raw materials, such as copper and steel.

Phenix Investigations recently investigated an elaborate theft ring at an Illinois industrial plant that reported losses of over $7 million in copper over a three-year period. Phenix Investigations was instrumental in cracking the case and identifying all six individuals involved.

According to statistics, a whopping 33% of business bankruptcies are directly related to employee theft and most employee theft isn’t recognized for quite some time, so it’s important for businesses to stay vigilant and immediately investigate any signs of theft. By investigating early signs of theft, losses will be minimized.

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