Houston Trees Survive, Display Beautiful Fall Colors After Drought

Arborist Louis Flory with Ability Tree Experts says it is wonderful to see Texas trees and flowers blooming again, cautions against tree pests and diseases.

Kingwood, TX, December 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Trees in Houston and other Texas cities are showing their resilience after this summer’s devastating drought. The trees are blooming as they revive due to cooler temperatures.

Louis Flory, Houston Arborist and owner of Kingwood, TX based Ability Tree Experts said that is to be expected. “It’s almost like the trees are joyful after this summer’s hot and devastating drought. The trees in Texas are resilient and have the ability to weather any conditions,” he said this week.

Flory said that the weather has been favorable the last few weeks and this has allowed most of the trees to spring back to life.

“We have had some cool nights and warm sunny days but the days have not been as hot as they were during the summer. This has been great for the trees and flowers, and the result is what you are seeing around town,” Louis Flory said.

From Houston, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Nacogdoches to other cities in Texas, it is evident the trees are coming back to life after last summer’s devastatingly high temperatures.

Horticulturist Greg Grant agrees. "Folks here don't realize how blessed we are to not only have native sugar maples but to be able to grow so many other species as well," he said.

"Our native Southern sugar maples generally turn gold each year with peach blushes, maybe not so swell compared to New England, but I tell everyone, 'Call somebody up in Connecticut in December and ask who has the prettiest fall color now?' "Grant added.

Ability Tree Experts’ Flory said seeing trees blooming is a good sign because it shows they are still alive.

“Texas lost millions of trees to the drought so seeing the trees and flowering plants come to life is a welcome change. In a few years, we may be able to come back to where we were a few years ago in terms of the number of trees,” he said. Texas lost millions of trees to the drought.

Flory cautioned Texans not to assume that tree loss due to the drought is completely over. “Not necessarily so. It is still possible to lose your trees if you fail to take care of them, especially the younger trees. Their chances of surviving have definitely improved but you still have to watch for diseases and pests attacking them,” he added.

He urged immediate removal of dead trees to avoid turning them into magnets for diseases. “Unless they are removed, dead trees will attract pests and other diseases. These pests will infect nearby healthy trees. You have bigger problems when that happens so it is important that homeowners take care of dead trees quickly,” he said.

Kingwood, TX based Ability Tree Experts has been taking care of trees for Texas homeowners for decades and Louis Flory said they are ready to handle any situation. “We are equipped and we have the technical expertise to handle any situation. Simply contact us at 281-441-4179 or through our website at http://www.abilitytrees.com and we will come out and take care of your trees,” he said.

Ability Tree Experts specializes in tree removal, tree trimming, dead wooding, tree shaping, tree pruning, tree disease management, tree weight reduction, storm clean up and stump grinding in the Houston, Kingwood, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Pearland, Sealy and other cities in Texas.

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