Junction Creative Solutions Expands Client Portfolio to Thrive in 2011

Atlanta, GA, December 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based hybrid strategic firm founded in 2008, marks the end of 2011 by posting 300% growth, its second triple-digit-growth year in a row. This substantial increase is complemented by a host of new clients as well as an expansion of Junction’s services into several new verticals.

New clients include AcuteCare Telemedicine, Competitive Sports Analysis, Intelaplay, BCS Swtichgear, Saffire Vapor, SWM Int., and Lucy’s Market. All of which launched new websites, marketing campaigns, or both in 2011 or will be launching in early 2012, leveraging the value-focused brand strategy provided them by Junction’s team. Junction has also added depth to its portfolio with new clients in the consumer packaged goods, technology and travel and hospitality arenas, in addition to the diverse verticals that the company already advises.

“We had remarkable growth and success with our clients in 2011. Junction exists to grow start up and mid-size businesses into success stories, which we’ve been able to accomplish this past year. Our success has been proven with our small to mid-size businesses; we have scalable companies that are emerging from our collaboration,” says Julie Gareleck, founder and Managing Partner, of Junction’s considerable success.

Beyond site development and brand strategy, Junction’s 2011 accomplishments include aiding clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, with achieving maximum impact and measurable results through long-term marketing strategies. Gareleck notes, “It often takes a long-term engagement to prove that strategy works. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a case for that level of investment, but our clients’ success is indisputable. More and more companies are seeing the value in how Junction can help them connect strategy and execution and we’re growing as a result.”

Commenting on what’s next for the company, Julie added, “In 2012, we want to keep scaling. Our long-term vision is to grow the business, although we never want it to become so large that we become what we aren’t, which is a typical agency model. That’s what allows Junction to thrive.”

For more information about Junction, visit www.junction-creative.com.

About Junction Creative Solutions
Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) combines the intellectual capital of a consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency to create effective and measurable strategies. The strategic solutions align with specific business goals and objectives, and provide consistency from strategic planning through execution. As a result, our clients are able to maximize opportunities to react, adapt, and thrive -- ultimately creating more sustainable and competitive businesses. Junction’s portfolio boasts successful strategies for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies.

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