"Stop All the Clocks," the Unforgettable Reading Made Famous in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" Has Finally Been Made Into a Song by Nemo Shaw

The long wait is over, as W H Auden’s crushingly sad, grief poem is set to music, by emerging Scots-born singer songwriter, Nemo Shaw. This track is available for download today.

London, United Kingdom, January 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Many people first heard John Hannah reciting "Stop All The Clocks" in the 1994 film "Four Weddings And A Funeral." The Scottish actor gave the performance of his career, as he tried to express the inexpressible, and managed to convey the all-consuming pain contained in the original poem. Those who found his reading heart-wrenching will want to listen to Nemo’s new song.

Heather L Oosthuizen, of "Funeral Guide," in South Africa, listed Nemo’s song on her informative Website, (funeralguide.co.za), as soon as she had heard it. Speaking of the difficult task of transforming a poem into music, she said: "The catch is that the singer and the music have to suit the poem and I don’t think this is easy to do, especially with a well known piece. In the case of ‘Stop All The Clocks Song’, by Nemo Shaw, in my opinion, they’re spot on."

Nemo delivers the legendary words in a soft and delicate timbre that does justice to this great poem. Often used at funerals, it was read at the funeral of Kevin Young’s father, after his sudden and violent death. The award-winning American poet said: "It’s that ability to express a feeling like the one that arrives quickly after the loss of a loved one – which poems like Auden’s wield."

"‘Stop All The Clocks’ or ‘Funeral Blues’ as it is also known, is the mourning poem that has been ‘begging for a tune’ for many years," Heather explained why: "The poem needed to be put to music for a long time because the words are so moving, and it is a familiar verse which is also associated with great loss." She further elaborated on this point: "Well chosen music often moves people to tears at funerals, and that is the best thing one can do at a funeral."

Nemo’s composition is intentionally simple and gentle, to counterbalance the impact of Auden’s powerful lyrics and evocative imagery. Further, his uncomplicated musical arrangement leaves space for listeners to feel whatever emotions may arise. The melody also has a soothing lullaby quality to it, as well as an endearing Scottish lilt, reminiscent of John Hannah.

The accompanying video is powerful and poignant, too. Viewers are invited to journey alongside a solitary figure trudging through heavy snowfall, until eventually the figure disappears from view. In this context, the figure represents the bereaved, as well as the loved one who has died.

Nemo has succeeded in creating a beautiful artistic interpretation that is charged with emotional power. The song is a celebration of life, as well as a truthful depiction of grief.

"Nemo Shaw’s rendition of the poem is totally in keeping with what I would imagine. It reminds me of the poem exactly as it was read in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, accent and all. I love it, and I think people will love it, too," concluded Heather.

To watch the video and download the song, visit ‘Stop All The Clocks’ Website: www.stopalltheclocks.org

Nemo Shaw is a 33 yr old Scots-born singer-songwriter.

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Stop All The Clocks
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