Brechbuhler Scales Works with Ohio State's County Fair Programs

Brechbuhler Scales enjoys working with many state's county fair programs who help to promote youth livestock programs and strengthening tomorrow's agricultural industry.

Canton, OH, January 28, 2012 --( Agriculture is as popular as it has ever been. Brechbuhler Scales, headquartered in Canton, Ohio; enjoys working with many county fair programs to help promote youth livestock programs. These thriving programs are strengthening the future of the agricultural industry. Most recently, the Columbus, Ohio Brechbuhler branch worked with B-TEK Scales, LLC to create a 108" x 48" 5K livestock scale for a local county fair. This scale, which can be found on the B-TEK Scale web site, was fabricated with key features to make it useful in the agricultural industry. Another great bit of information about this particular scale is that it was purchased through donations of local businesses and 4-H / FFA supporters and members donating a portion of their earnings through their 2011 livestock sale. Many other organizations can take note of how economical the scales are and how working together as a team, everyone can contribute to a useful piece of livestock equipment.

Brechbuhler Scales, Inc
Tracy Walker