Garden Ants Invade Homes

Garden ant infestations are expected to be especially bad this year due to teh warm, early spring. Revolutinary new treatment cures the problem.

Chorley, United Kingdom, May 13, 2007 --( Is your house infested with Garden Ants every year?

Harrier Pest Prevention based in Chorley, Lancashire but covering the whole North West of England are pleased to announce a half price offer on their revolutionary garden ant treatment.

When ants invade your home the result can be worse than any hammer horror movie with the problem persisting for many years.

Garden ants mate on the wing and when the ants fly, usually in July, the problem can be intolerable as many thousands of winged ants can be released inside your home.

The early, warm spring of 2007 probably means that the problem will be especially bad during the summer of this year.

Ant powders and potions purchased from hardware shops do not work as the troublesome nests are often deep underground and they simply do not reach the heart of the problem.

Harrier Pest Prevention can cure this problem in most properties with a three-year extendable guarantee.

The treatment, which leaves no smell or mess and is perfectly safe for children and animals, involves drilling very small holes into the cavity walls, similar to a damp-proofing treatment and injecting the cavity with a micro-fine insecticidal powder.

This forms an impenetrable barrier, which the ants cannot cross, and is 99.9% successful in removing ant infestations. Although the treatment is more expensive it lasts for several years depending on how dry the cavities are and has the benefit that once the holes are drilled it is a simple and relatively inexpensive matter to re-inject the cavities with insecticidal dust every few years.

The interior of the walls are then treated at the wall-floor junctions with a micro-encapsulated insecticide which adheres to the insects legs and is taken into the ant colony and destroys it.

This combined treatment is the only sure way to permanently eradicate the problem and until June 10th 2007 is offered at half normal price.

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Ken Chadwick