B2B.itah.com, AsiaEP New Trade-Focused Search Engine Launching in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, May 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- AsiaEP Bhd., a publicly listed company on MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia (KLSE), is presently launching a major new project called B2B.itah.com, a B2B trade-focused search engine in Thailand.

AsiaEP Bhd. offers a wide array of solutions ranging, from eMarketplace service, e-Business solution & training and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to eBranding, web services and mobile applications, for a broad spectrum of industries. asiaEP.com is an e-Marketplace with a global focus, ranking fifth in the business and trade category on Ranking.com. Established in 1996, it is one of the oldest e-Marketplaces in the world with an outstanding cumulative inflow of international transactions valued in excess of US $130 billion.

AsiaEP successfully launched B2B.itah.com in Malaysia last April. The launching has created site traffic and effectively distributed a sponsored link program as a free trial through Malaysian and international B2B traders or advertisers.
According to Managing Director and founder Dr Bernard Tan, it’s this simple: AsiaEP is on the brink of a breakthrough.

“What we have done over the last 10 years is create a search engine exclusively for business and manufacturing purposes. We are likely the first in the world to create a business search engine with a simplified format. 2007 will be the year we make this quantum leap”, he says.

He explains that this is, in fact, far from new: “When we went for our listing three years ago, we already had this technology. We had been researching and developing it since 1997. However, the algorithm breakthrough came in 2005. After extensive testing, we are now ready to commercially launch our search engine.”

What AsiaEP has done is develop a Specific Community or Vertical Search Engine (http://b2b.itah.com), which offers a simpler, deeper and more relevant search for B2B users.

“You will be pleasantly surprised by Itah SE’s search results. Simplicity and high relevancy – just what a business person needs. We believe Itah SE has the potential of becoming a popular B2B search engine,” says Kenanga Research Head of Retail Research, Teoh Cheng Guan.

The Itah SE revenue model will be based on pay-per-click sponsored link model under the name of “AdLinks.”

“AdLinks will be a great lesson for most of exporters and international traders in Thailand to learn how to implement effective export-focused online marketing by utilizing it during its trial version, which will be offered for free throughout the second quarter in Thailand,” Pichayanee Kitsanayothin, Sales & Marketing Manager, asiaEP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. added.

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Pichayanee Kitsanayothin