United Release Announces New Restructuring Plan

San Antonio, TX, January 31, 2012 --(PR.com)-- United Release Corporation (URC), a business services company, announced that they have released a new restructuring plan thanks to the success of their new program, FlyPage. United Release’s new plan brings a link to all URC wholly owned subsidiaries such as, Duraright, LLC and FlyPage, Inc.

This new restructuring plan also changes United Release’s executives with Bryce Thomas maintaining his position as Chief Executive Officer and President. Robin Basichis will now be Chief Operations Officer of URC and all subsidiaries. Robert Goldman, currently the VP of Marketing & Investments will be resigning on 2/15/2012 giving Bryce Thomas another title.

Bryce Thomas released this statement about the plan:

“We are pleased to announce our new restructuring plan that will bring a new meaning to the United Release brand. Due to the recent success of our subsidiary FlyPage Inc and Duraright, LLC we will be linking all of our companies together, bringing a new meaning to the word efficiency. Robert Goldman, one of our leading executives, has resigned, making way for our newest executive, Robin Basichis. This is a very exciting point in our organization where we can now focus on a program that will truly help small and midsize businesses. I would like to personally thank all of our staff and customers which have brought United Release to where it is today.”

United Release’s plan also states that the company will primarily offer FlyPage; but also maintain an investment division to constantly assist small and mid-size businesses.

To learn more about United Release you can visit www.unitedrelease.com.

You can also view a PDF copy of United Release’s restructuring plan at www.unitedrelease.com/new-urc.

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