Patent Pending Technology Reduces High Speed Hand Dryer Noise

As high speed hand dryers are replacing paper towels, patrons are complaining about the noise. New technology has finally emerged to solve this problem.

Livonia, MI, February 08, 2012 --( Hand Dryer noise makes it hard to carry a conversation while drying your hands. This has been a common complaint for years and manufacturers have been working on this problem with little to no success. Until now.

Traditional hand dryers use a slower moving large volume of warm air to evaporate moisture from one’s hands. The low velocity of the air is slow to penetrate the surface of the water, thus resulting in long drying times. Newer high speed hand dryers create about 50% more noise than a conventional hand dryer. The problem occurs when the high velocity air hits the users’ hands, creating a large amount of turbulence. While this may be highly effective at drying hands, it generates too much noise.

American Dryer Inc. has patent pending technology that will allow a facility to adjust their hand dryer's air speed of the dryer to provide the perfect balance of sound and speed. The sound level can be reduced to the same level as a conventional hand dryer while still drying faster.

American Dryer Inc. ExetremeAir GXT dries hands three times faster while using one third of the electricity of traditional hand dryers. When in use, the ExtremeAir GXT uses only 1500 watts of electrical power versus 2300 watts of a typical hand dryer. This adds up to an 80% reduction in energy. The new ExtremeAir GXT uses an industry leading 540 watts to dry hands in 12 to 15 seconds.

Not only does the ExtremeAir GXT dry hands faster, use less energy and eliminate landfill waste, it also includes a new antimicrobial infused air delivery system and can also be connected to any standard voltage between 100-240 volts.

American Dryer Inc. has been creating quality hand dryers since 1952. The Rabahy family acquired the company in 1985. Since the acquisition, American Dryer has become one of the largest hand dryer manufacturers in the world. The company builds and tests all of its products in the USA to the highest quality and environmental standards.

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Michele Legge
Michael Robert, VP of Sales & Marketing