Dream Expert Kari Hohne Launches Website Featuring Free Online Dream Dictionary and Podcast

Ever wonder if your dreams are trying to teach you something? After more than 3 decades of analyzing dreams for people all over the world, dream expert Kari Hohne launches www.inspired-by-dreams.com with a free online dream dictionary and ongoing podcasts about dream interpretation.

Carnelian Bay, CA, February 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Have you ever wondered if your dreams are trying to teach you something? Kari Hohne, popular radio dream analyst and author, writes about the three parts of every dream that reveal how the dreamer explores conflict and its resolution. "When we take the time to interpret our dreams, we realize that some part of the mind has an understanding of who we are and where we are going that transcends waking consciousness," she said. After more than 3 decades of analyzing dreams for people all over the world, she has launched a new website: www.inspired-by-dreams.com with a free online dream dictionary, dream symbol forum and ongoing podcasts about dream interpretation.

Her dream interpretation app called Way of Dreams (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/way-dreams-dream-dictionary/id333208205?mt=8), currently at Itunes and soon to be released on Android and Kindle, has sold over 100,000 downloads and remains in the top of Lifestyle Apps making her a foremost name in dream interpretation.

"I have always been a guest on other people's radio shows and decided to launch my own podcast called Inspired Radio." Her radio show includes information about specific Dream Symbols like Houses in Dreams, and Transportation Symbols in Dreams, as well as a Beginners Guide and a Comprehensive Guide to Dream Interpretation. Users can download these podcasts on her website or can find them free on Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inspired-radio/id493019103.

Her new website also allows users to post their dreams for interpretation. In addition to free downloadable podcasts, the site offers free e-books for download that teach users how to begin working with their dreams for personal guidance. Her books include The Mind's Mirror: Dream Dictionary and The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams which explores the Hero's Journey through the dreamscape, both available at Amazon. (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kari+hohne)

"One of the most fascinating aspects of dream analysis is how nightmares prove to be a positive sign that something powerful has begun to stir in the dreamer's psyche," she said. "What we call the Shadow or the frightening aspect of our dream life is really our untapped potential that has been sent 'underground' and therefore seeks to be understood and integrated. Dream interpretation is often difficult for the lay person because dreams operate from a different perspective. All symbols, the landscape and lighting and even other characters are personifying some aspect of our inner world. Once we begin to use this 'all reflects me' perspective, our dreams begin to make more sense."

Because she interprets the dreams of people from all over the world, she is often asked whether our cultures make our dreams different. "In dreams," she says, "we speak a common language of symbols which are similar around the world. It is our age group or life stages that make our dreams thematically different. A person entering the work force and adopting a new identity will often have the Chase Dream where a non integrated and new identity challenges us because we are not yet comfortable adopting these new traits and so, it threatens us. An 'empty nester' will have the I Lost My Suitcase Dream because their identity is undergoing transformation or is misplaced."

"What I like most about this new website is that it allows me to interact more with the public. Currently people email dreams or work with me through an online coaching process, although this new website allows the user to post dreams for interpretation and in this way, they can learn from each other. "

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