Publish Turns Kindle Digital Book Revolution Into a Turn-Key Business Opportunity

Raleigh, NC, March 01, 2012 --( The developers of Publish Zoo have taken the excitement of Amazon’s self-publishing concept and crafted a member-based training center with book writing services.

2011 was a serious turning point for the publishing industry. According to internet book retail giant Amazon, digital books outsold ‘real world’ additions by a 2 to 1 margin. This is easily explained because electronic reading devices such as Amazon’s own Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook are the most popular non-cell phone based components.

In a brilliant move, Amazon realized that the true profits would come from the sale of content for the Kindle. A few years back they started what is now referred to as the Kindle Direct Publishing program. There is no upfront cost to join and publish digital books that are then sold through the global Amazon network. The only problem for many people is that not everyone is a writer.

“Publish Zoo bridges this gap by teaching members how to generate book topics that have a great chance of selling,” says co-founder Jack Schrold. “We teach members our methods for determining the potential profitability of a niche book idea.”

The real magic happens once a Publish Zoo member decides that their research is conclusive and a book topic/ title are established. A member can then pay a small fee and get a unique book and color cover created that is ready for upload and sale on Amazon. “The concept was to open the door for people that had great ideas but don’t have the desire or skills to right the report style books,” says Schrold.

The most amazing thing about Publish Zoo and the Amazon publishing opportunity is that once a book is uploaded there is no additional work since the retailer handles payment processing, accounting and book delivery. Is this the holy grail of passive income creation or will it become a saturated market place?

“The best part of the digital publishing business is that everyone can find new niches and topics so it will never stop providing a great source of ideas and monthly income.”

You can learn more about starting your own publishing empire using Publish Zoo today.

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Jack Shrold