Homesource Managers Comments on Development Applications Process

Sydney, Australia, April 17, 2012 --( Homeowners, NSW, with Development Applications on waitlists due to difficult projects, finally have something to celebrate according to HomeSource Joint Managing Director, Pia Vogel. A recently released report, the 2010/11 Local Development Monitoring Report, revealed a significant improvement in the processing times of difficult and disputed Development Applications, State wide.

The report revealed a 20 per cent decrease, since the previous year, in application assessments which took 100 days or more.

“Too often we’ve had our HomeSource Access customers, call us for advice on issues that should have been easily resolved. Our legal advice helps to guide them through the quagmire of issues and tangles that they have had to face. We hope that now, Councils will be in a position to simplify the process and continue the good work reported in the Local Development Monitoring Report for years to come,” Ms Vogel said.

There has been a decline in development activities, altogether, from over 140,000 in 2003/04 to just over 80,000 in 2010/11.

“It is tough out there with not many full scale developments taking place. Allowing renovators to get started quickly means more happy home owners, more jobs and an economic boost.

“Also, with shorter approval and processing times, it is a clear encouragement for more renovation projects to get off the ground.

“NSW councils should be applauded for their efforts. We hope to see this kind of improvement nationwide. Saving time, money and energy while creating developments and jobs should be every State’s goal.

“Meanwhile, we encourage people that still have issues to visit our website where we offer free tips and advice, and if they need more, they can sign up to our very affordable advice product that gives them access to lawyers who can handle their questions and guide them through the process.”

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