Understanding Chinese is Now Free and Easy with Loqu8 iCE Free

Loqu8, the pioneer in augmented learning technologies, today announced iCE 6 Free, the ad-supported version of the company’s popular Chinese-English dictionary and translator for those who want to understand and learn Chinese.

Mountain View, CA, March 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Loqu8, the pioneer in augmented learning, today announced iCE 6 Free, the ad-supported version of the company’s popular Chinese-English dictionary and translator for those who want to understand and learn Chinese.

"In 2010, China officially surpassed Germany as the world’s largest trade export nation," explained Dr. Timothy Uy, President and CEO of Loqu8. "Previously China also surpassed Japan as the world’s second biggest economy. Global organizations are finding Loqu8’s augmented learning technologies to be a powerful tool for interfacing with suppliers, customers and agencies in China."

"If you’re in your early 30s and you’re thinking you want to spend time in China, or grow a business there, or work for a multinational doing business there, you would be at a disadvantage if you did not have Chinese language ability," suggested Kenneth G. Lieberthal, Director of the John L. Thorton China Center and senior fellow in Foreign Policy and Global Economy and Development at The Brookings Institution.

* Learning Chinese hasn’t been easy, but iCE now makes it easier

The U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) estimated Mandarin competence to require 88 weeks of study (2,200 class hours) with half that time in the region where the language is spoken by natives. Organizations like the United Nations and the U.S. State Department have been using Loqu8’s augmented learning technologies to accelerate the learning process for key individuals.

Loqu8 iCE 6 Free is a subscription service for helping people experience and understand Chinese. By hovering a mouse over Chinese text inside websites, documents and emails, iCE provides a quick definition. Highlight a range of text and iCE even translates it all into English (optional). Built upon Loqu8’s second generation iNtuition2 augmented learning engine, iCE takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows 7/Vista and 64-bit, multi-core microprocessors for rapid, real-time information access.

Loqu8 iCE 6 Free is compatible with these applications:
- Websites: Baidu, Sina, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Bible Gateway
- Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 11, Google Chrome 17

Loqu8 iCE Standard Edition and Professional Edition add support for:
- Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7-9
- Chat: Google, Skype, Pidgin, QQ
- Email: Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail
- Productivity: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote and Outlook), Microsoft Office Web with SkyDrive
* Download Loqu8 iCE 6 Free

Loqu8 iCE 6 software and user documentation is available from www.loqu8.com

Users will have an opportunity to sample the complete Loqu8 iCE 6 Professional. After 14 days, they may purchase a license key (from $5 USD/month) or request a free, one year subscription for Loqu8 iCE Free. Loqu8 iCE Free subscription is renewable annually at no charge.

* About Loqu8
In an unpredictable and fast-pace world, Loqu8 empowers users with the information they need to learn quickly, work efficiently and make timely decisions. Just point and Loqu8 instantly displays the information you need. Loqu8's augmented intelligence model is the result of years of research at Stanford University in cognitive science and information processing. Loqu8 is a privately-held corporation with headquarters in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.loqu8.com.

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