Author Claims Her Book Can Help Women Change Their Lives and Their Health in Just Minutes a Day

Forget apples – it’s happiness that keeps the doctor away. Author helps women create greater happiness in their lives, which according to new research, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of women.

Cornwall on Hudson, NY, March 03, 2012 --( Author Jennifer Garza, MS, claims her inspirational journal entitled 365 Days to Happiness: Use your strengths, thoughts, and dreams to manifest a new life (InspireWire Publishing, 978-0615488455, December 2011, $11.99) will transform women’s lives in mere minutes a day by helping to focus on the positives.

According to a recent study by The European Heart Journal, having a positive outlook can prolong your life. The 10-year, in depth study, shows that independent of eliminating negatives in one’s life, simply creating more positives decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Garza says people are often so focused on subtracting what is unhealthy that they forget the importance of adding positives. She also says that women in particular seem to put their own needs on the backburner to give to others – a deadly mistake.

“Women have a bad habit of sacrificing for others while neglecting themselves,” Garza said. “This research will hopefully convince women to make their own happiness a priority. Everyone wins. If women are healthier and happier, the more they will have to give.”

Garza says her formula is simple. A dose of inspiration, followed by introspection and then action is what leads to positive change, she says. The journal addresses the concept of happiness in general, but also address important life issues including relationships, gratitude, identifying dreams, conquering fears, and eliminating roadblocks to success. Inspiring quotes coupled with writing and action prompts help readers keep a focus on creating their best lives without taking up hours of their time.

“Women are busy raising families, running households and often while having careers at the same time,” Garza said. “In today’s world, women don’t have hours to spend on themselves. I created the “365 Days” format because if you focus on positives, are consistent, and take small action steps, you can change your life in just minutes a day.”

About the Author

Jennifer Garza has an MS in counseling and psychology and a BA in journalism. She is a former therapist and has taught life enrichment classes at venues including college campuses, conferences, churches and prisons. She has been published in newspapers and national trade magazines.Her advice on creating greater happiness in the workplace and mention of her book will appear in the June cover story of Natural Health magazine, which is owned by American Media, Inc.

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