"Want" Delivers Retailers Universal Access to Facebook Timeline

Merchants and brands add “Want” button to engage with shoppers like never before.

Detroit, MI, March 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Want, a new way for retailers to bridge the gap from social interest to purchase transactions, announced today its integration into the Facebook Timeline via Open Graph. The Detroit-based company is one of the only providers to offer a universal “Want” button for retailers in Timeline, improving viral sharing and tracking of e-commerce intent among consumers.

“We’ve found that shoppers who create Want lists purchase at a much higher rate and also have a 21 percent higher average order value than our other traffic.”

The integration with Facebook means additional opportunities for retailers to increase exposure, drive traffic and sell more. Tapping into the benefits of Timeline allows retailers to grow their potential audience and connect with motivated buyers and their social networks.

In addition to its ability to leverage Facebook’s Open Graph 2.0, Want provides retailers with a new universal "things to buy" wish list and access to an instant product-sharing community on Wanttt.com. Merchants use Want’s simple, yet powerful, Want button to make an easy and productive connection with interested consumers.

“The Want button has not only increased our social footprint, but it also has improved our exposure to like-minded shoppers, and this context is what makes the Want button stand out,” said Sam Grossman, marketing manager of Sharper Image. “We’ve found that shoppers who create Want lists purchase at a much higher rate and also have a 21 percent higher average order value than our other traffic.”

With Want integration into Facebook Timeline, product sharing is frictionless – and true purchase intent can easily be expressed, creating unprecedented exposure opportunities for retailers of any size or stature. Retailers ranging from Sharper Image to Shoebacca and Ron Jon Surf Shop have implemented the “Want” button on their sites and are already starting to see the benefit of social engagement around buyer intent, including increased average order value and improved conversion rates.

“Now, with the integration of Want into Facebook’s Timeline, our exposure has increased exponentially,” Grossman continued. “Our shoppers are sharing not just within the Wanttt.com community, but also on Facebook, and we are already seeing benefits from the additional exposure through traffic, sharing and sales.”

Shoppers also have a better way to capture, organize, curate, and share the things they “want” with like-minded shoppers and friends. Whether people are “wanting” things from the Web or inside the Want Community, the products they love are always saved and updated in their personal Want Collection for all their family and friends to see.

“We’re excited to be one of the first apps approved for Timeline sharing. It is a major breakthrough for retailers to be able to take products beyond “Like” to the perfect verb for shopping – 'Want,'” said Greg Links, vice president of business development at Want. Other than 'Buy Now,' 'Want' is the most powerful expression to which a retailer can have access. And now, that access is easier than ever.”

How the “Want” button works:

The retailer adds the “Want” button (easily integrated into the product page of their site by copying and pasting in a few lines of code)
Shoppers create Want lists
As products are clicked on and added to shoppers’ Want lists, inbound links are generated from Wanttt.com to the retailer’s product details pages, positively impacting organic search
Products are also shared on Facebook’s Timeline, generating new exposure and traffic for retailers
Retailers have the ability to send targeted messages to their Wanters, generating more sales

About Want
Want has changed the way merchants and consumers can interact online. The Want community and Want button provide retailers with a new social commerce platform to bridge the gap from social interest and product sharing to immediate sales opportunities. Want is a highly-social and interactive site that allows users to discover products they’ve never seen, people with similar tastes and stores they’ve never heard of. Whether it’s keeping track of the products they want to buy or receiving personalized product recommendations from like-minded shoppers and friends, Want is designed to create a universal destination for all the products consumers want, no matter where they are found. For more information, visit Wanttt.com and view the video demo.

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