Hartman Inventory Records Contents Now to Ease the Claims Process Later

Nationally certified home inventory professionals help you remember and prove ownership when filing an insurance claim after a loss.

Avon, IN, March 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Tornado season has started early this year, and many reports are stating this country should expect a more than normal amount of storms and tornadoes in 2012. Seeing the current devastation in the Midwest, people are asking how those who suffered a loss could ever receive an equitable insurance claim.

While in the comfort of your home, without the stress of a disaster or pressure of a deadline, try to write down every item in the room. Imagine having to do that after you just suffered a loss – possibly a complete loss – of all contents in your home or business.

Next think about the CDs, DVDs, and video games. “Many of our customers are shocked when we tell them how many they own. Often, they underestimate by the hundreds,” explains owner Mike Hartman. At a low average of $15 each, and if just 100 were forgotten, this would equate to a loss of $1500. It’s easy to see how quickly a financial loss can add up, just on these 3 categories of items.

Adding to the dismay of disaster victims, there is a misunderstanding about how the insurance claims process works. The majority of people believe that if they have insurance, they will just receive a check without question. Not so, according to insurance websites. When a home or business experiences a loss, the insurance company will request a detailed list of each item lost or destroyed, along with a description. This requested information includes a model number and serial number for electronics and appliances. The time it takes to prepare this document, without being able to refer to a pre-disaster inventory, often can be months. Some state they reach the deadline and are required to submit an incomplete claim.

Hartman Inventory is a nationally certified inventory service that prepares this document of personal belongings prior to a disaster. This allows their customers to file their claim quickly, accurately, and thoroughly. A maximized claim enables the disaster victim to get back to where they were much faster and with more financial assistance than those who do not have a personal property inventory.

The process is a well-honed system that records the home or business belongings in a format preferred by the insurance companies. The finished portfolio is delivered within 10 days, with an option to also secure the information on an encrypted online backup service. This ensures the information is safe in the event of a disaster.

Due to the increased awareness of the need for an inventory, and the growth of the home inventory industry, the founders have developed a home inventory turnkey business package to help others start their own inventory business. This business package includes an operations manual, hands-on training, a complete marketing package, continued support and mentoring, a business coach and much more.

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