Launches Virtual Ad Agent that Provides Publishers with Opportunities to Monetize their Unsold Media Space at No Charge launches IdeaMama’s Virtual Ad Agent as a complimentary solution for publishers to monetize their unsold advertising space.

New York, NY, May 24, 2007 --( launches IdeaMama’s Virtual Ad Agent as a complimentary solution for publishers to monetize their unsold advertising space. Magazines, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations will now have the ability to diversify into new complimentary lines of business by acquiring equity in many promising innovative start-ups and joint ventures formed collaboratively by members of is a global virtual innovation incubator - the next phase in evolution of the Web 2.0 industry. At this stage IdeaMama focuses less on profitability and more on implementing new philosophies that will change the networking industry while offering innovative solutions for its various vertical markets – individual subscribers, publishers, B2B service providers and corporations.

IdeaMama Club is not only a bridge between an idea and a business empire, but it’s also a revolutionary idea in itself. It pioneers new approaches to creativity, collaborative work, and innovation.

“While there has been great progress in the networking industry during the last few years, there are still a number of important links that appear to be missing ," says Olga Kostrova, Founder of IdeaMama. "What encouraged me to invest all my savings into creating IdeaMama Club – an international network for innovative minds like myself, is a desire to provide an opportunity to connect not only fully formed start-ups with capital, but start a few steps earlier: to facilitate the entire process from the idea/concept stage. I believe that great vision is contagious and sometimes not easily justified by dry numbers. Revolutionary, meaningful ideas shared by passionate visionaries have an almost mystical ability to create energy that attracts followers. If that is the case, then a market will be created, the right people will be attracted to the opportunities and entrepreneurial vision, and in its own time, capital will be provided by less conservative investors who are willing to take risks and get involved in innovative projects with unproven but promising concepts. We expect to see publishers among them. Acquisition of equity in exchange for media placement that results in considerable marketing support can be beneficial for both, publishers and entrepreneurs with winning concepts and solid management teams.

"I remember the spring of 2005, when I introduced this concept to a group of people and received nothing but skepticism. Being rather stubborn I continued to implement the project, constantly modifying the processes. Now, IdeaMama Club is unstoppable, but it took time to prove the concept experientially. And I have to admit, that it has been an amazing learning experience and one that I want to share today with our members. Yes, ideas can be assets of many; yes, ideas can become commodities; and yes, the arrogance in the venture capital world that a lot of start-ups face can be overcame by making investors a part of the team, not the outsider-evaluators. Let investors fall in love with your project before you approach them with your business plan. Let IdeaMama club members from all over the world evaluate your project first to make sure that it is indeed innovative, has a market and makes sound business sense. And if your project is highly rated, venture capitalists will appreciate the preliminary work done and invest time in studying your opportunity.

"Now, since is launched and the club members have more advanced tools for collaborative work, I believe that some changes will be required in the way small businesses operate. IdeaMama Club makes operations more transparent, new projects’ progress trackable and open for other members and shareholders input and support. There is a lot improvement that still needs to be done to perfect the club’s procedures and add more useful tools and solutions, but as they say, the world was not created in a day. So together we still have a few days to go.”

IdeaMama Club has a strong mission and purpose – entering growing markets and generating revenue while building global businesses and social communities that will collaboratively design new life enriching ventures and invent new products.

IdeaMama Club is an exciting, virtual collaborative platform that can greatly benefit subscribers such as: a) entrepreneurs in search of new projects in which to get involved, b) employed professionals who are interested in exploring new ideas and are considering starting their own business on the side, c) retirees, successful entrepreneurs and business executives who are interested in sharing their experiences with the younger generation of visionaries, d) private, institutional and corporate investors - venture capital companies, financials advisers, capital brokers that are in search of promising projects, e) singles who are tired from unsuccessful connections and keen to meet more like-minded people and f) newcomers in need of new contacts.

IdeaMama Club operates by unique rules. is designed much like an on-line game for the venture capital industry. It introduces patent pending business methods that allow the club‘s members around the globe to form unique ventures with previously unknown partners and obtain support from thousands of other international members who observe progress of businesses and products designed within this unique virtual club.

According to IdeaMama Club management, in the past, before a concept was launched every idea was treated as the property of one (or a few) idea generators and kept secret which prevented not only the “stealing” of the intellectual property but also its fast execution to market. With the introduction its new philosophy, IdeaMama Club acquired thousands of followers of the concept of an “open source” space for ideas exchange and collaboration. Since IdeaMama Club was founded (January 2005) the first of thousands of international members have joined the club to collaboratively build new businesses, invent new products and enjoy the creative process while developing new brands and non-conventional marketing campaigns.

Now, as the overall concept is tested and is launched, owning a business becomes not only a source for profit but also of unlimited “fun” for young-at-heart visionaries. They act on their dreams and operate in a new virtual world where every resource and business contact is accessible.


IdeaMamaClub Club Corporation is a subsidiary of IdeaMama Group. is a virtual invention incubator, a unique network of innovators, entrepreneurs, experienced corporate executives, investors, artists, press, marketers and other representatives of global business and creative communities.

This unique creative space was designed to assist independent and corporate inventors in turning their ideas into great accomplishments and to incubate inventions that can change lives; to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators and help them to connect with experts and build successful partnerships.

IdeaMama Club provides web based platform that enable organizations to implement social initiatives and facilitate innovations in various industries: biotechnology, commerce, education, energy, entertainment, environment, finance, health, information technology, materials, space, transportation, and others.

The mission of IdeaMama Club is to motivate and inspire creative flow, surround innovators with mentors and advisers, who can provide better management solutions and resources, both human capital and finance.

The fundamental premise of IdeaMama Club is to offer a unique medium where organizations, social activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, service providers and manufacturers meet. IdeaMama Club offers web based solutions that assist in facilitating all aspects of development, supporting and encouraging the healthy evolution of new products or innovative business concepts.


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