FISC Solutions Contracts with Catholic Charity

Lewiston, ME, March 16, 2012 --( FISC Solutions, a back office service provider for 35 years, has converted The Association of Marian Helpers, of Stockbridge, MA to its caging and data entry services.

With FISC’s caging service, nonprofit organizations who solicit donations through direct mail campaigns can benefit from having FISC accept the donations, process the check, and enter contact information, order requests, and other comments through data entry, on their behalf. This process can typically be completed in a more timely and more cost effective manner, given FISC’s highly automated environment.

Charities and non-profit organizations that maintain caging operations in-house are often faced with backlog during peak volume periods. The Association of Marian Helpers has maintained a portion of their work in-house and contracts with FISC to handle the work associated with newly acquired donors.

“We would hire temps during peak seasons, but felt we never got our investment back once you considered the resources used in training and quality checking their work. Eventually, even finding temps was a challenge,” said Christine Langlois, Manager of Member Services. So they considered once again, working with an outside vendor to help process the donations mailed in. This was a tough decision, as three prior attempts in the past 20 years proved unsatisfactory.

“This was a Huge decision for our team and one that we did not take lightly. Just the concept of trying again to allow a third party to have control over some of our work was distressing. With that said, we knew we had to do something because ‘more of the same’ wasn’t going to change anything” said Langlois.

The Marians have immediately realized the savings and benefits of their decision. FISC is collecting the returned acquisition mail, opening, scanning, completing detailed data entry, depositing, and reporting everything within a two-day turn around. “We are confident that we made the right decision! Since we went live with FISC in November, all of our acquisition returns have been processed and deposited in the agreed timeframe and with the level of detail we were promised,” said Langlois.

About The Association of Marian Helpers

Officially established in 1945, the Association began as a small handful of friends who believed in and supported the work of the Marians. Now some 1.5 million members strong, the Association is a spiritual benefit society which continues to prayerfully and financially support the priests and brothers of the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception. For more information, visit or call toll free at 1-800-4MARIAN (1-800-462-7426).

About FISC Solutions

Named a 2011 Best Places to Work in Maine Company, FISC Solutions provides back office services, specializing in lockbox, caging with data entry, bill and letter printing and mailing, and remote electronic services. Headquartered in Lewiston, FISC Solutions has served many industries including charities, financial institutions, government agencies, health care, insurance, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, oil companies, schools/colleges, telecommunications, and utilities for almost 35 years. For more information, visit or call 1.888.433.4924.
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