Business Intelligence Group Launches BIG Awards Program

The Business Intelligence Group has launched the BIG Awards with a mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other award programs, real business people, those with experience and knowledge, judge the BIG Awards. Companies nominate their own organization, executives and customer case studies within their respective industry. Industry leaders are also encouraged to apply to become a judge.

Philadelphia, PA, March 20, 2012 --( It’s awards season and the entertainment industry isn’t the only group that rewards great performances.

The Business Intelligence Group recently launched an awards program called the “BIG Awards” that seeks to reward organizations and executives for superior business performance. The company offers contests in five categories in eight industries.

In the Internet connected and competitive business world, organizations seek ways to differentiate their products, company and people from competitors also looking to woo customers. Awards programs are often used to validate company claims and ultimately help customers build trust with the companies they buy from.

“More than ever, buyers are looking for third-party validation of companies and products so they have the confidence necessary to open their wallet,” said Russ Fordyce, managing director of the Business Intelligence Group. “It is not a matter of simply showing buyers how good your product is. It is about connecting customers with buyers so they can solve a problem and improve performance.”

Building that differentiation in the online global market is becoming more difficult for businesses as barriers to entry have eroded. There are three common types of third-party validation that many companies are using; testimonials that feature customer quotes, external industry and market analyst assessments and performance awards and other forms of external recognition.

Judges for the BIG Awards are industry experts and executives working for companies worldwide. Nominations are individually scored and ranked using statistical methodologies and once winners are announced, all nominees are provided with judging commentary and scoring for their entry. According to the Business Intelligence Group, this is unique among award programs as the judges’ feedback often provides companies with real insight on their business performance.

Fordyce continued, “Saying something is ‘Great!’ is easier than ever with the Internet and social media but having others validate your claims is the best antidote to an unconnected buyer. Our unique judging process rewards real performance and it provides nominees with valuable information that they can use to make the operation stronger.”

There seems to be no shortage of business awards but what is unclear is how many programs actually offer unbiased results. Print and Internet publications, blogs and other organizations often run recognition programs, but more closely resemble suburban sports leagues that reward every player, regardless of performance.

“The BIG Awards are judged by real business people,” Fordyce said. “We seek out and scrutinize judges so our nominees know that their company is truly deserving of an award. So it means something.”

Winners receive the BIG Award trophy, a multi-color glass obelisk, as well as a digital logo for royalty-free usage online and in print. Winners will also be featured on the Business Intelligence Group’s web site, electronic newsletter, blog and social communities.

The BIG Awards are now soliciting nominations in five categories: Start-Up of the Year, Company of the Year, Product of the Year, Executive of the Year, and Case Study of the Year. Each of the five awards will be given in seven different industries and one open industry for a total of 40 contests. Industries include finance, health care, insurance, information technology (IT) and telecommunications, manufacturing, and legal.

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