Seth Kahan Leads “Value Creation” Symposium for CEOs in Washington, DC

Executive change expert, Seth Kahan, led a CEO lunchtime Symposium in Washington, DC, on Value Creation, sharing techniques to innovate in the marketplace to generate new, more, and better value for clients/customers/members.

Bethesda, MD, March 20, 2012 --( Seth Kahan led a ninety-minute executive session, “Value Creation” at the Willard Office Building on Tuesday, March 6 in Washington, DC. There were 8 CEOs in attendance from major organizations and associations from the DC area.

Kahan, a change leadership expert, bestselling author and highly regarded speaker, shared techniques he successfully uses with clients, to connect to the customer/member base and increase uptake by delivering remarkable value. Material covered included examples and discussion on how to identify value and its perceived benefit, the 3 stages to find and tap value wells, and tips on conducting competitive business intelligence to win in the marketplace.

“Value is at the center of all successful enterprise,” says Kahan. “It is the skeleton key that opens every door to market growth. Value is what customers pay for, members show up for, and investors write checks for. To successfully exploit change you must both learn to find or create new value ripe for delivery and increase the worth of existing value.”

Seth Kahan has worked with more than 60 CEOs and top-level executives in companies that include World Bank, Peace Corps and Prudential Retirement, as well as over 40 associations and public sector agencies. Kahan's book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out is a Washington Post bestseller and identified by American Express OPEN Forum as a Top 20 of 2010. He is also the author of Fast Company‘s blog, "Leading Change" ( and a regular contributor to the Washington Post column “On Success” (

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