Gates Corporation Releases New White Paper on Synchronous Belt Drives Designed for Roller Chain Applications

Drive system engineers develop market-competitive and innovative equipment by replacing roller chain drives with synchronous belt drives.

Denver, CO, March 21, 2012 --( Gates Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, offers a new white paper, “Synchronous Belt Drives: Designed for Roller Chain Applications,” to help design engineers develop market-leading industrial equipment. Benefits of synchronous belt drive solutions include matched roller chain performance and reduced weight, mess and maintenance.

“Design engineers typically design synchronous belt drives over roller chain for a longer life – an average of over three times the typical life of a roller chain drive – as well as the fact that they require no lubrication and are much quieter,” said Alan Romagnolo, Synchronous Product Line Manager at Gates Corporation.

Synchronous belt technology has evolved dramatically to improve a wide range of power transmission applications, and the white paper dispels the misconception that synchronous belts are incapable of performing the work of roller chain drives.

According to the white paper, “Gates scientists and engineers in the Advanced Materials Development Group spent years developing a patented technique for fusing carbon fiber tensile cord into the polyurethane body to produce a synchronous belt with the strength and durability of steel roller chain.”

The paper addresses design engineers’ common concerns about replacing roller chain with synchronous belts in their drive system designs. Modern synchronous belts offer high load carrying capacity and can replace chain width-for-width in sizes #35 to #180 and higher. In addition, the use of backside or outside idlers gives design engineers flexibility in fitting a synchronous belt drive into a compact drive package with fixed or limited center distance adjustment.

Additional advantages that synchronous belt drives offer design engineers include:

· More compact, lighter weight drive systems
· Longer-lived drive systems
· Maintenance-free drive systems that require no lubrication or retensioning
· Easy integration into current system design
· A wide range of belt lengths and sprocket diameters; product line also includes heavy-duty backside idlers for drives with limited center-distance adjustments

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