Canadian Company Keeps Up with Growing Green Cleaning Trend

Burnaby, BC, Canada, May 25, 2007 --( The Jan-San industry might not be the most glamorous group around, but they’re setting the bar high as the world moves toward a more environmentally-conscious way of life.

“Attempts at making green products a mainstay in this industry are nothing new,” writes Richard DiPaolo in his editor’s note of this winter’s Maintenance Supplies Magazine (Jan/Feb 2007), “But as major cleaning giants continue to make everything they touch green, increased customer demand is likely to follow.” And that’s an understatement.

“The last ten years have seen a major shift,” says one proponent of a green lifestyle. “People from every walk of life in every possible circumstance are compelled to make greener choices – sometimes because they legitimately care about the environment, and other times because its insisted upon by, for example, managers. And it doesn’t matter which – the end result is the most important, how we get there isn’t as crucial.”

Builders are going green to increase property value because the market demands it; janitorial service providers are going green because building management companies demand it; and hospitals, schools, parks boards and municipalities are going green because the public demands it. In fact, the US Green Building Council under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System is urging facility managers and builders to use greener, more sustainable products in their work. The people who manufacturer these green products are working hard to keep up with the demand.

Winter represents a real conundrum when it comes to making greener choices: Roads, sidewalks and walkways all need to be slip- and snow-free, and people have historically used salt to melt this ice and provide traction. Salt, however, is a major hazard to the environment when applied in these kinds of quantities.

Xynyth Manufacturing Corp., who’ve been in the icemelt business for over 20 years, know a thing or two about melting snow – and they have an alternative to salt that many North Americans are already using faithfully: GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is a fertilizer-based icemelter that works better than salt, but causes none of the damage. Price-wise, GroundWorks is slightly more expensive, however Xynyth has learned that savvy customers will pay a few more pennies upfront to avoid extreme maintenance costs later on. “And the health of environment,” says one Xynyth team member, “is worth a few extra pennies too, I think.”

Information about Xynyth Manufacturing and their products can be found on their website at, or by calling their corporate Head Office at 1-800-MELT-ICE.

Xynyth Manufacturing Corp.
A. Grondahl