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Brain Kandy Books Aims to Satisfy the Current Worldwide Sudoku Puzzle Craze

Fort Drum, NY, November 08, 2005 --( Brain Kandy Books, an upcoming publisher owned by Army Veteran Michael Winkler is determined to quench the world’s Sudoku thirst with their first book, Super Sudoku 360 Volume #1. Sudoku is a puzzle played on a 9x9 square grid with a set amount of given numbers, the object of Sudoku is to fill each grid square with a number 1-9, utilizing each number only once in each row, column and 3x3 grid square. The level of difficulty is determined by the number of givens provided and which numbers are provided. A player new to the world of Sudoku should expect to solve an easy puzzle in around 20-30 minutes.

Super Sudoku 360 Volume #1 features 360 Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty. Two variations of the popular Sudoku puzzle; Godoku and Tridoku are also in the release. Not only do you the player solve puzzles, you are scored on how fast it takes to solve a particular puzzle. If you are new to the world of Sudoku, don’t worry! Super Sudoku 360 Volume #1 includes rules and techniques you can utilize to solve a Sudoku puzzle. 

Brain Kandy Books is currently in development of other Sudoku books as well as other books featuring puzzles never before seen in America. Brain Kandy Books, its owner and partners all support the troops fighting the on-going war on terrorism and will be utilizing a small amount of the profits of all books to purchase care packages, books, and other necessities that could increase the morale of our deployed men and women in uniform.

Michael Winkler is a self-published Sudoku addict. Michael’s goal is to entertain as well as enrich the minds of as many people as possible through his books. Michael lives in Fort Drum, NY with his wife Leng and daughter, Keona.

Brain Kandy Books
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