CB Fine Jewelry Co. Ltd: Handcrafting Fine Jewelry Collections for Designers and Jewelers Around the Globe

CB Fine Jewelry employs an expanding staff of over 200 highly trained craftsmen, technicians, media professionals, and customer service reps—exporting a collection of over 400 classic designs around the world. The company is actively seeking new markets throughout Europe for the company’s vintage-inspired line and its outsource manufacturing services for designers.

Bangkok, Thailand, November 09, 2005 --(PR.com)-- CB Fine Jewelry Co. Ltd. was established in January of 2003, and from its inception the company’s aim was to service the needs of today’s demanding jewelry designers, while providing the public with the best vintage-inspired designs and craftsmanship at an affordable price. Starting with a small staff of artisans in a refurbished studio in Bangkok, the company grew at a remarkable rate. Today, CB Fine Jewelry employs an expanding staff of over 200 highly trained craftsmen, technicians, media professionals, and customer service reps—exporting a collection of over 400 classic designs around the world from its landmark building in Lad Krabang’s business district.

CB Fine Jewelry’s in-demand collections consist of a full range of vintage-inspired engagement rings, eternity bands, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Handcrafted in 18K gold or platinum, the jewelry is handset with diamonds and precious gems. Each piece displays hallmarks of the finest designer jewelry, including deep hand-engraving, intricate wire-filigree, and hand-milgraining. Retail price runs between US$1000-2000; and markets include the United States, England, Japan, Australia, and Thailand.

The biggest market for CB Fine Jewelry is the United States. And within that very competitive atmosphere, with the help of distributor Abacus Jewelers, CB has expanded its reach at unprecedented speed. Handcrafting pieces for the Abacus brand Beverley K Collections®, the studio now provides a vintage-inspired line to over 300 US jewelers. According to CB spokesman DA Blyler, the company’s success can be traced to its superior craftsmanship and price: “Few people can match the quality and value offered by CB Fine Jewelry. We take quality control very seriously, and examine pieces with rigorous control measures at every stage of production. At the same time, we have been able to keep costs down by focusing very precisely on certain designs and styles. This has allowed us to become extremely efficient at creating beautiful jewelry that customers want and cherish.”

But just where has this manufacturer learned its recipe for success? According to Blyler, the mentors of CB Fine Jewelry’s founders have always been “in spirit” alone—their imagination and work ethic fired by those uncompromising jewelry-makers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Legendary designers like Louis Cartier, L.C. Tiffany, and Carl Faberge have influenced CB not solely through their masterful designs but by the precision in which those designs were executed and the passion these men brought to their work.

When it comes to which CB Fine jewelry is the most popular, the brides have it. Ever since the company’s platinum rings were featured on the cover and inside the 2004 Better Homes and Gardens Weddings issue, CB’s diamond eternity bands have been among the company’s best selling items. These range from garden bands that pay homage to the exquisite history of the English garden to Edwardian-style bands, popular among brides seeking to add that royal touch to their wedding day.

Appearing on the cover of the Better Homes and Gardens Weddings was certainly a coup for CB Fine Jewelry. But it was not a surprise. Among rising jewelry houses, few have exhibited more marketing savvy than CB Fine Jewelry. Viewing their website and media production it is readily apparent that the company strongly believes in the power of the story. In the commercial sphere, legendary brand stories (like those of Mercedes, Versace, and Rolex) have long fulfilled the needs of sophisticated customers, the likes of which CB has obviously studied.

CB Fine Jewelry’s dedication to excellence has spread to the company’s corporate culture. The manufacturing studio is guided by a management team that fosters an environment which values both individual creativity and staff participation in the decision-making process, regardless of the employee’s position. CB managers all share a passion for fine jewelry and are committed to superior standards at every link of the value chain.

Today, CB Fine Jewelry is actively seeking new markets throughout Europe for the company’s vintage-inspired line. Eastern Europe and are two regions where the company has particular interest, having already received media exposure from regional trade magazines. The coming year will see the company strategically positioning itself as Thailand’s manufacturer-of-choice for North American and European designers who seek to outsource their fine jewelry manufacturing to Asia.

Outsourcing, of course, has become a huge issue throughout all manufacturing sectors in the West. Asked about the future of the jewelry industry and what efforts are needed to strengthen the trade’s position globally, Blyler answered, “The best thing that the industry, as a whole, can do for itself is to fully accept that the internet has dramatically changed the retail playing field. There is no turning back the clock. Old profit making paradigms are going to have to be replaced or supplemented by new ones. Those who will succeed are those who embrace the new technology and become savvy with its use. As an industry we are in competition with other luxury producers like travel providers, art galleries, fine restaurants, and high fashion outlets. The faster we come to grips with the new consumer arena and the technology that feeds it, the more likely we will be able draw the next generation of customers to our creations.”


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