Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings Simulate Real-World Exhaust Systems

White City, OR, April 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings recently tested a variety of coatings using their Exhaust Simulator System. The Cerakote Exhaust Simulator System is unique to NIC’s research and development department due to how it simulates real world exhaust gas temperature (EGT) values. Most high temperature coatings are tested by heating panels in an oven which heats all sides, while the Cerakote Exhaust Simulator System generates heat from the inside out, which more accurately simulates a real-world exhaust system. The Exhaust Simulator System can recreate any manufacturer’s EGT specifications and record internal and external skin temperatures to measure the thermal barrier properties of the ceramic exhaust coating. In addition to specified EGT values, the exhaust simulator can reproduce jetting situations where fuel is richened or leaned causing temperatures to fluctuate from 1200*F to 2100*F.

In the recent test, NIC product engineers ran a Harley Davidson thermal performance test. Each high temperature ceramic coated panel was secured along the exhaust pipe with temperature sensors placed on the inside and outside of the coated panel. The coatings were run on the simulator for a specified time and temperature and then exposed to a rapid water quench and several ASTM physical tests including Salt Spray (ASTM B117), Hardness (ASTM D3363), Spectrophotometer Color Value check (ASTM E1349 – 06), Flexibility (ASTM D522), Impact (ASTM D2794), and several other specified performance indicators. These various ASTM test results can be seen at www.cerakotehightemp.com.

Cerakote is a division of NIC Industries and manufactures industry leading high temperature ceramic coatings for a wide range of high temperature applications. Cerakote products are available world-wide through a network of international distributors and local Cerakote Certified Applicators (http://www.cerakotehightemp.com/resource/locator). Cerakote is a supplier of high temperature ceramic coatings to some of the world’s leading automotive, equipment, ATV, industrial and other high temperature industries.
NIC Industries, Inc.
Rob Griffin