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Brain Kandy Books Offers Great Low Cost Advertising Program

Brain Kandy Books offers a great advertising program that is affordable enough for any company, big or small! Instead of paying for ads that run in print for one or two weeks at a time, purchase permanent advertising that will be in print for years for prices cheaper than Internet advertising.

Fort Drum, NY, November 10, 2005 --( Brain Kandy Books, a publishing company specializing in puzzle and logic problem solving books has launched a highly effective, low cost advertising program. Brain Kandy Books plans to launch at least 25 books in 2006 and expects to have a library of over 200 books by January 1, 2010. The advertising program offers many options for any company; large or small.

One option available to advertisers is the Banner Ad Program. With this option the advertiser can purchase any number of banner ads and have them placed on the same page of puzzles in any book in the Brain Kandy library. Placing ads on the same page as a puzzle places the product or service in front of a potential customer’s eyes for any period of time from fifteen minutes to one hour. This is more advertising time than a TV Commercial, Infomercial or Internet Website Banner Ad! The Banner Ads can be purchased for as little as $10 each! Another option is the Full Page Ad Placement Program, with full page ads starting at $50 there is no reason why any company should pass up this opportunity.

Traditional publishers print thousands of copies of books at a time in hopes to sell them all through various distribution channels. If a book fails and never sells, all remaining copies are returned to the publisher and the books never see daylight again. Brain Kandy Books utilizes various Print-On-Demand resources to publish their books, meaning that copies of their books are only printed as they are ordered. Their books will never stop selling! When an ad is placed in a book it is never removed and could remain in print virtually forever. Another advantage of Print-On-Demand is that an ad can even be placed in books that are already in print! Brain Kandy Books sells their books through their website, and various other internet sites. In addition to the internet, Brain Kandy Books sells their books wholesale to independent bookstores, school districts, educational suppliers, general merchandise retailers, etc. around the globe.

Brain Kandy Books will be donating 20% of all advertising revenue to their Charity Fund which is used to contribute to various charities as well as their own Support the Troops campaign. The Support the Troops campaign pays for and ships care packages to troops deployed in support of the war on terrorism. The care packages will contain various items such as Beef Jerky, Gum, Books, DVD Movies, Hygiene Items, etc. Included in the care packages will be flyers noting what companies contributed to that package.

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