Utah Youth Village Seeking Foster Parents for Salt Lake City, Utah and Surrounding Areas

Responsibilities may include and are not limited to: 1. Providing a loving and nurturing environment. 2. Teaching to appropriate social skills using the Teaching Family Model. 3. Coordinating medical care of youth in cooperation with health care workers. 4. Coordinating with schools to provide for educational needs of youth. 5. Maintaining good communication with parents and caseworkers. 6. Providing basic paperwork documentation needs; daily, weekly, and monthly records.

Salt Lake City, UT, April 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Utah Youth Village is looking for married couples who are interested in helping children and providing positive change in our community. Being a treatment foster parent can be a very rewarding experience. The couple will be licensed as State Foster Parents and provide care for 1-3 youth in their home; the youth are in custody of the Division of Child and Family Services. The couple will be trained and supported 24 hours a day by a certified Consultant. They will teach social skills to the youth and will use a token economy system to reinforce positive behaviors in the home. The couple will provide nurturing care for the youth and will enforce the Utah Youth Village program rules and structure. The foster parents will be taught how to reinforce positive behavior, correct negative behavior, and how to teach social skills to the youth.

The couple will earn tax free money for providing care. The daily pay will depend on how many youth the couple help in their home (maximum is 3) and the behaviors the youth exhibit. The starting rate is $31.50 per youth per day. Youth may have been removed from their natural home because of parents abuse/neglect, or ungovernable behaviors such as not showing respect, using drugs, or truancy.

The youth need a supportive couple who provide attention, kindness, and structure. Through this family teaching model, youth excel and learn to become helpful citizens. To learn more about becoming licensed as a treatment foster parent and creating change in the lives of children, please contact Kelly Mulari @ 602-295-0315. A Consultant will be assigned to assist the clients through the licensing process and to help the clients find youth that meet their preferences.
Utah Youth Village
Kelly Mulari