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New York City, NY, November 11, 2005 --( Exploring today's music scene can sometimes feel like navigating a crowded club on opening night. It's congested, it's loud, and it's ultimately a crapshoot when trying to decide which artists are worth lending a listen to. Fortunately, the founders of, the web's longest running entertainment website, have launched two new sites to help sort out the new faces of music from the crowd. and provide visitors with hundreds of CD reviews and leave no stone unturned in covering a laundry list of music genres, including spoken word and comedy.

Both and provide short reviews of hundreds of artists works, sparing readers the eye-rolling monotony associated with rival sites' long-winded reviews. Each site offers unique benefits to its visitors, making the experience as interactive as it is informative. provides forums to visitors where they can discuss today's music and suggest titles to one another, while rewards its visitors with a contest where one lucky participant will win 60 free CD's. and weren't launched to feed the egomania entrenched in today's music scene, but simply to promote music for music lovers. They may not be able to play bouncer in the crowded club that is the music industry today, but they can certainly unlatch the velvet rope to the VIP lounge for visitors who are just looking for a nice tune.

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