Advent Air Makes Locking Refrigerant Caps Mandatory

Move addresses increase in dangerous practice of "huffing."

Lewisville, TX, April 21, 2012 --( In a move designed to thwart attempts by young people to seek a dangerous “high” by inhaling Freon from HVAC units, Advent Air Conditioning will now include locking refrigerant caps on all new construction and replacement HVAC work, effective immediately. The move covers both residential and commercial applications. The locking caps had been offered as optional equipment since 2011.

Advent Air’s decision to make locking refrigerant caps mandatory is borne out of concern with the practice of “huffing,” in which a person releases refrigerant from an air conditioning unit and snorts, or huffs, it in order to get a quick high. The action induces oxygen deprivation, leaving the person feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Huffing too much refrigerant can deprive the person of oxygen for too long, potentially resulting in death.

Huffing is becoming increasingly popular among children, especially 12- to 14-year-olds. According to United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Refrigerant (UPROAR), an analysis of 144 Texas death certificates by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse involving misuse of inhalants found that the most frequently mentioned inhalant (35%) was Freon (51 deaths).

“While tamper-resistant caps also help prevent people from stealing refrigerants for re-sale, we decided to include the equipment on every unit we install and service to deter teenagers from this deadly activity,” said Mike Douglas, CEO of Advent Air Conditioning in Lewisville. “Too many kids are learning about huffing from social media and the Internet, and putting themselves in extreme danger.”

Advent Air is also disseminating information to its commercial and residential customers about the deadly trend, and urging them to alert their fellow businesses and neighbors to the danger.

“Huffing is growing at an alarming rate, and it’s simply tragic,” said Douglas. “We are determined to do our part to make it as difficult as possible for kids to get access to these dangerous chemicals, which can be found in virtually any home in our area.”

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